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Straight Talk on Search Engine Optimization  2018

Straight Talk on Search Engine Optimization 2018 You need to perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order to display your website well on major search engines. . This is a basic SEO plan with tips on how to do SEO and get results within a month. Google is the main goal of this whole plan.
Straight Talk on Search Engine Optimization

  • I am. - Choose your weapon (keyword) - you should choose the keyword you want your website to focus on for potential search engine listings. It's a good idea to focus on the high-achievable (term searched for in intermediate terms) that you can achieve rather than if your competitive or overly general keywords are ranked high. Focus on getting some "high" ranking results and shooting popular terms over time.

  • II. - Lock and load. Prepare your site - Search engine optimization (SEO) on your website is primarily about placing your targeted keywords intensively on the strategic location of your page.
  • III. - Party invitation. Register your site on a high pagerank website - To be recognized by Google for your website, it must be "mentioned" in a good place on the Internet. Page Rank. High PageRank links in the phone book or other similar websites can make all the difference in the world by getting a good search engine list. Getting a "reciprocal link" is free and builds your Pagerank. A one-way link is better.

** - Please note that results from Google may vary from day to day.

Note: This SEO plan is targeted at Google. If you can register your website with Google, you tend to follow other major search engines. #Rank with Search Engine Optimization 2018
Rank with Search Engine Optimization

Tools for your own  Search Engine Optimization solution project:

  • 1. Website with CONTROL in content (HTML). Affiliate web pages that you can not change can not be optimized for you. Start your own website and enter affiliate content. 
  • 2. If you have not already done so, you will need to import the Google Toolbar. Use the PageRank display function. 
  • 3. Requires some kind of website tracking (host may already have provided) to identify search engine spider hits (mostly Googlebot hits). 
  • 4. I need a basic understanding of Google Pagerank and crawling (search engine spider). If you do not know about them, read below. Otherwise, you can skip this part.

Google Pagerank

The Google Pagerank system is basically a 1-10 Google system that measures the importance of a website. Google.com has the highest Pagerank (PR) of 10. The new website domain has PR 0. There are other websites that discuss how to calculate. 4 - Google's regular interests and firm web presence,  5 - Stronger presence, 6 - Powerful and frequently visited websites, 8 - Very powerful Website, 9 - 10 - Power off the chart.

If the PageRank of your website is a. How often will my search listings be crawled in the future? b. How will your search list go up? When your browser is on a page on that website, the page's PageRank appears in the Google Toolbar (using Pagerank). This plan shows how to increase your pagerank and how often Google crawls.

Crawling with Spiders
To "index" your website, search engines send a "spider" robot program to "crawl" your page and "watch" pages from your domain. At best, the spider's visit is wrong. Spiders will visit your website more often if they think "your website is important." Your earnings from Google are measured in PageRank. Discuss raising PageRank to Part 3.

I am. - Weapon selection (keyword)

Clearly some keywords are searched more than others. At almost the same rate, more websites optimize more popular keywords than less popular keywords. In other words, targeting the "Intermediate Search" keyword instead of searching for "critical keywords" in a straight line increases the chances of success (lower competition). I will not try to underestimate or limit your success. My strategy for someone is to achieve "little" success first and then increase over time. Many webmasters "swing their wings" and they are completely out of the race without any success for a long time.

Learn how to measure competition for optimized keywords. Turn on the Google Toolbar and search Google for the most comprehensive keyword terms that describe your website. I chose "Small Business" on this website. You will probably see a bunch of high-powered PR7 and PR6 websites that have your terms in the title. Observe their PageRank (PR) rankings. Listed on the first page of popular terms is a lengthy process that can be a tough fight and take too long to reach a new website.

Next, search for less popular but more specific keyword terms that describe your website. I chose "low risk business" on this website. You should always find keywords related to your site based on your keyword terms, but competitive sites do not have that high PR ranking. Only the PR4 and PR3 sites should be able to find the listed terms. This is the target of your website. If you find that you can not find keyword queries with low competition, you can consider changing your website themes to more specific niche markets.

II. - Lock and load. Prepare your site

The conclusion is that you must focus your targeted keywords on your website whenever possible, as often as possible, up to 7% of all words on the page (7% is "your own risk" Google and other search engines have "spam alerts" that detect excessive practices. Repeating a keyword multiple times on a page can make it seem "interesting" to the customer, even if Google likes it. Here is a short list of  Search Engine Optimization 2018 tips to do on your website to focus on a specific set of keywords:

The TITLE tag in your HTML should include the target keyword

META TITLE tag Your HTML The META DESCRIPTION tag in your HTML should include your target keywords [19659] 002] Your meta keywords in your HTML should include all targets. Comma. At the last time I checked, Google will not read the meta tags, but anyway it's better to do this from another search engine.

If you have a domain (www.my-keywords-are-here.com), you can get "brownie" points to help us.

You should use target keywords for header tags (H1, H2, etc.).

The first key sentence of the page should contain the target keyword and focus on the entire topic of the website. The overall "density" of the page is high (about 7% of all words on the page) I use an online density checker to help with this. When I & # 39; exaggerate & # 39; the target keywords on the

page (sometimes) 
Link and image ALT tags are a good place to "populate" the target keyword if you need to build density. Other pages on your website that link back to your homepage should have targeted keywords within the link's anchor text (the text shown). 
The more pages on your site that run the above steps, the more likely it will be

III. - Party invitation. Register your site on a high PageRank website

This may be the most important  Search Engine Optimization 2018 step, and that's why I listed it in red. The core of the Google Pagerank system is that other sites, called inbound links, evaluate your site based on the quality of the link to which you point. In terms of quality, it means another site with a high Pagerank score. My personal opinion is that the Pagerank system has transformed the Internet into a "country club". If you run into a "crowd", you get points for it. Regardless of how I think about the system, I decided to "play" my website to display it well in the directory.

One of the easiest ways to get an incoming link is to participate in a common Internet practice called interconnect. This is where you agree to other websites that "link to you" when you link to me. The important thing here is the PageRank of other sites. If your site starts at PR 0, it may be difficult to find the PR6 site you want to connect with! This is also because the OUTING link actually costs the sponsor website a bit. One of the types of sites that are non-PR aware and live to list other websites is the web directory. What is most needed is a reciprocal link.

Search our rankings for a Web directory with good PR ranking. 
Mutual links are good and spiders will recognize your site, but one-way links are better. Google does not evaluate the interconnection between the two sites as "high". Because of the "batch" between sites. If your site does not link back to the site, but there is a one-way link to another site that points to your site, we will consider your site even higher. When I learned this, "Good, but where can I get a one-way link?"

As higher Pagerank links grow, there is a specially created auction to auction high PR one-way links (search on Google). PR7 one way link will be auctioned at about $ 50. In the experience, the most common PR link is that you should make the site less than 2 PR (PR8 links at least have to create a new PR6 site). I highly recommend this site as a source of high promotional links. With a single link, you can set up a great search engine list on a fast website. One quicker tip: The anchor text in the incoming link should include the target keyword for maximum effectiveness with Google.

Conclusion: After completing the step

I - III ., You should see some spider hits within a few days of your directory bookings. Google may list some or all of your pages on your website. You can check your listing on Google and search for "allinurl: www.yourdomain.com" to see your listing. After 6-8 weeks, you should be able to see all the effects of your efforts, and PageRank should rise. If you've targeted "very hot" keywords, but are not seeing results, make changes to your website to make it easier to get your keywords listed on Google. Please bear with me. This process requires monitoring and fine tuning.

Today is all about SEO  Search Engine Optimization last update. Effort is required, but it's a good idea to actually see results in a few weeks. It's more than we can say about the other "advertising wands" that are sold over the Internet.

Good luck!
Full article with useful links can be found at GetYouPaid.com. * This article does not contain ads. All links are useful non-family websites or GetYouPaid com

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