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Wordpress Plugins to Speed up your Wordpress Site

Wordpress Plugins to Speed up

Wordpress Plugins to Speed up your Wordpress Site Speeding up your WordPress blog can increase your popularity. If your website loads faster, visitors will enjoy browsing, be more traffic, and be profitable. There are many proven ways to improve the performance of your site, many of which are covered in the WordPress optimization tips and trick posts. In this article, we'll look at the WordPress plug-ins, which can perform important front ends and performance. Backend optimizations can be used comfortably in the WordPress dashboard. The first section of this article lists the well-known WordPress caching plug-in and my recommendations. The following section contains a list of useful utility type plugins that are useful in some situations. You do not need to install all the plugins listed here on your site (choose whatever you like).

Wordpress Plugins to Speed up your Wordpress Site

Best WordPress Caching Plugin W3 total cache

Many people still use the WP SuperCache plugin. WP SuperCache is a good plugin, but have not tried the W3 Total Cache plugin yet? If you are using the Wordpress Plugins to Speed up caching plug-in and have never used W3 Total Cache, you should seriously provide this plug-in. W3 Total Cache is a relatively new caching plug-in and is much easier and faster to configure. It works well with WP eStore, WP eMember, and WP Affiliate Platform plugins. W3 Total Cache is the fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plug-in. mashable.com, smashingmagazine.com, tipsandtricks-hq.com and many more. W3 Total Cache improves your blog's user experience by improving server performance, caching all aspects of your site, reducing download times for themes, and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

  • WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin generates static HTML files from dynamic WordPress blogs. After the HTML file is generated, the web server provides that file instead of processing a relatively heavy and expensive Wordpress Plugins to Speed up PHP script.

  • Hypercache

HyperCache is a new caching system for WordPress, especially for those who have blogs on low resource hosting providers (CPU and MySQL). It also works with Microsoft IIS-based hosting.

  • WP-cache

WP-Cache is an efficient WordPress page caching system that makes sites much faster and more responsive. WorPress Caches the page, loads and compiles the entire PHP code, and then stores it in a static file so that future requests can be handled directly in the file, instead of creating pages in the database.

  • DB cache

The DB Cache plugin caches all database queries with a given lifetime. It is much faster than other HTML caching plugins and uses less disk space for caching.

  • Other useful sites Speed related plugins WP Optimization

With WP Optimize, you can organize and optimize your WordPress database extensively without having to perform manual queries. It allows you to delete all post revisions, spam comments, unauthorized comments, database tables, and more with a single click.

  • Image optimization plugin

There are a few cool image optimization plug-ins that help you optimize your media library image. Optimizing Images Read the detailed guide to the Auto Plugin Tutorial to see which plugins can be used for automatic image optimization.

  • Clean option

When installing, using, and removing plugins in WordPress, the 'wp_options' is Wordpress Plugins to Speed up as table will be inflated. Even some themes use this table to store relevant data. Some records will not be deleted as plugins / themes are removed. This table grows steadily and contributes to a gradual slow load time. The Clean Options plug-in makes it easy to get the wp_options table, which is inflated to a manageable size. It has a lot of built-in safety features so you do not accidentally delete all the data your blog needs to work.

  • WP super-miniature

WP Super Minify is a lightweight plug-in that speeds up page loading by combining, collapsing, and caching inline JavaScript and CSS files as needed.

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