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Wordpress Paypal Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments

Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments

Wordpress Paypal Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments Are you willing to accept payments from your WordPress site? With PayPal, website owners can easily accept online payments without a merchant account. In this article, I'll show you 10 WordPress PayPal plug-ins to accept payments. Before You Begin To quickly add a PayPal donation button to your site, view or search the tutorial on adding a PayPal donation button in WordPress. Continue reading for everyone else who would like to accept PayPal payments to sell their products and services.

Fast PayPal payment

With this simple yet powerful plugin, you can easily pay using PayPal. Just set up your form of payment and use a short code to add it to every page on your site. The plugin also provides an easy user interface for customizing the appearance of the payment form.

PayPal Responder

PayPal Responder allows you to sell individual products on your site using PayPal. Users can pay for their products using PayPal, and they can set up automated responses that send users a link to download or a link to get the product they are offering. Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments It's very simple and especially useful on a single product site because you do not need to add a shopping cart.

PayPal Donations

PayPal Donation is a simple plugin ready to use PayPal WordPress widget that you can add to your shortcode and sidebar. Please install and activate the plugin, then visit Settings »PayPal donation to configure the plugin. After the donation, you can choose which audit page the user is redirected to.

PayPal payment shortcode

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to add PayPal buttons using WordPress short codes. You can configure all the plug-in options in a short code to make it a bit more complicated. Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments The Plugins page contains all the possible parameters and instructions for usage.

WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

The WordPress Simple PayPal shopping cart provides an easy way to sell your products / services on your website and accept payments using PayPal. Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments Adds a shopping cart system and allows users to add products (digital products as well as physical products) to their shopping carts. Paying users can make payments using PayPal.

Easy PayPal Shopping Cart

Easy PayPal Shopping Cart is another WordPress shopping cart for PayPal that you can sell on your site. Simply insert the Add to Cart button on your WordPress page. Navigate to a location where users can make a payment in PayPal. With this plugin, you can set up a redirect page and send a note for verification.

PayPal for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress ecommerce plug-in and supports standard PayPal accounts by default. PayPal for WooCommerce supports both PayPal Express checkout and PayPal Pro API support for all WooCommerce websites. Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments It adds a PayPal Payments Pro tab to your WordPress billing settings, where you can configure the plugin.

PayPal Payments

PayPal payment is a relatively new plugin that provides PayPal WordPress widget and short code. You can add PayPal buttons to posts, pages, and sidebar. The plug-in also manages the payment list and sends a payment confirmation email to the WordPress administrator and the customer.

PayPal Pro and PayPal Express for easy digital download

Easy Digital Download is another popular WordPress ecommerce plugin with built in support for PayPal. This plug-in adds PayPal Express and PayPal Pro payment gateway to the Easy Digital Downloads site. WordPress's PayPal Pro API allows customers to enter credit card information without leaving the website. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your WordPress site with PayPal. Note: PayPal Pro is only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia


WPForms is WordPress's most novice contact form plugin. This drag-and-drop online form filling tool makes it easy to create contact forms, email signup forms, order forms, payment forms, and other online forms with just a few clicks. Plugins for Easily Accepting Payments The PayPal add-on allows you to receive payments from WPForms. You can create your own forms, such as order forms, donation forms, or product purchase forms. Payments, sponsored post payments, donations can be used.

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