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Top Ways to Boost your Google Adsense Revenue

Top Ways to Boost your Google Adsense Revenue 2018

Top Ways to Boost your Google Adsense Revenue I will not talk about why adsense is the best advertising program, even posting any of the best adsense alternatives, no one is clearly close to what Adsense pays to us. I've been using Adsense for a long time, tested and playing with Adsense, and increased my Google AdSense revenue. Adsense offers a number of ways, such as section targeting, and low paying ad categories, ad blacklists, and AdSense bloggers eliminate many other features that can significantly increase your AdSense earnings.

Increase your Google AdSense revenue Tips

Well, here we have done a lot of tutorials in the past to implement some best practices and increase Adsense earnings. such as regular bloggers can follow to increase Google Adsense revenue. However, since AdSense does not apply equally to everyone, my suggestion is to continue experimenting and follow the best method for Boost your Google Adsense Revenue  For example, many bloggers are only proposing to use text-based ads, but my suggestion is to use both image + text ads. Since many image ads are paid for PPV, more advertising options will be shown.
Follow Strickly AdSense rules
Choose a high paying niche for your blog
Find keywords
Check the keyword density you just selected
We recommend placing ads at the top of the page.
We recommend using both image and text ads.
Use non-standard types of ads
Choose Adense format for your blog
Use AdSense for search
Use multiple ad units
Change ad color to match website palette
Use Adsense Multiple Palettes
Use horizontal link units (navbar, above posts)
Try experimenting occasionally with ad positioning
Ad placement
Avoid advertising borders
Convert low-cost ad units to image-only ads
Promote your site with Google Adwords
Reduce the total number of outgoing links on the page.
Create multiple ad banners
Use all available Adsense features
Choose the right ad for your content
Make sure you see the ad.
Enable section targeting
Link units must be in hotspots that visitors can easily see.
Get targeted traffic
Drive traffic to your blog through SEO and backlinks.
Use the Adword tool to use the site
Track your performance with AdSense channels
Avoid MFA (Made for Adsense) site.
Track your ads
Block low-cost advertisers with competitive filters
Do not overlay your ad.
Use the AdSense preview tool
Short article placement ads are located at the top of the content
For long articles, place ads in the middle of your content.
Do not use common blog words
Do not set Google AdSense as a secondary ad option.
Publish fresh content
Sign up for a hub page and use the same AdSense account
Please register with the bookkeeper and use the same AdSense account.
Sign up for docstoc and upload files to the same AdSense account
Use revenue sharing sites
Join YouTube Partner
Remove public service ads
Do not use titles like sponsorship ads in widgets
You can also integrate AdSense with Analytics to help you keep track of which pages and which keywords are performing best.

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