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Top Killer Tips to Select A Blog Theme

Tips to Select A Blog Theme

Top Killer Tips to Select A Blog Theme One of the basic components of a blog is a theme. The subject indicates your profession and how you are professionally blogging. Most new blogs do not pay much attention to themes, do not use many widgets, use themes that can accommodate more ads, or do not change blog themes at regular intervals. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in your blogging career. Choosing a blog theme is not an easy task, and finding the perfect theme is endless. Here at ShoutMeLoud we are using the Thesis theme for the last two years. This is one of the perfect SEO-optimized themes. But the basic look of the theme is not good for CSS and PHP, but many people think it's boring. I have money to hire someone. Such a topic is not the perfect choice. But if you are good at it or have a budget to accept your subject, you should check Harsh's Thesis theme review.

Top Killer Tips to Select A Blog Theme

Now, for those who do not need to choose customization and blog themes for Bloggers, I point out some things that will help you decide the best theme for your blog. There are many premium WordPress theme clubs, so you can download pre-designed themes at affordable prices and give your blog a professional look. For example, if you look at the Elegant theme or the wootheme collection, you can see beautiful themes for about $ 20-30. Your content is not absolutely killer, and by then, the topic of your blog will play an important role in turning all opportunity visitors into readers. Tips to Select A Blog Theme  Choosing a blog topic can be really confusing when faced with many choices! Here are a few tips to make it easy to choose your blog theme.

How to choose a blog theme

Expert or individual Is your blog personal or professional? You have to decide this first. Then you can then choose the appropriate topic. Personal themes can be decorated with funky, cool colors in bright colors, but for professional use it's better to find more offices on a white background in gray, brown, dark blue, or dark green.

Bright background or dark background?

Moving to a light background with darker text makes your eyes easier. Darker backgrounds are only suitable for photos with little text or for design blogs, and the background makes the images look good.

Content theme

Does your content have a theme? If so, you can add a custom touch to your blog's topics or choose a blog topic accordingly. Example: If your blog has only fish content, you can choose a fish blog theme from the sidebar as an underwater image for headers or animated fish widgets.

Simple, minimalist or full, satisfied with inconvenience?

This is your choice but it is always a good idea to make it clear what you want before coming across a huge array of different themes for your blog. Want a simple theme with one or two widgets in your posts and sidebar? Tips to Select A Blog Theme  Or do you want 3 or 4 columns in every corner?

Color scheme

I have a vague idea of the preferred color scheme. More true gray, dark blue and maroon type colors or do you prefer bright green, yellow and red. However, this does not affect which theme you choose. Almost all the themes can easily be adjusted and changed to the desired color combination.

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