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Top Best Magento Extensions that Will Change your Marketing Forever

Top Best Magento Extensions that Will Change your Marketing Forever

Top Best Magento Extensions that Will Change your Marketing Forever All of Magento's extensions are designed to increase the conversion rate of Magento stores and ensure a stable customer base. Now check out this little helping hand!

Product label

The product label is one of Amasty's most beloved extensions. With this product, you can make your product stand out with just a few clicks, and you can guide your customers at every store and pay attention to the products you choose. The trick is very easy. Product label extensions let you create colorful badges that represent "new", "sell", or whatever you want. This is absolutely effective and as easy as ABC.

Customers have also seen.

The ultimate goal of every marketing manager is to let the customer spend as much time as possible in the online store. As the customer can guess from the name, the customer will see page N and other pages visited by the customer and display the results in a well-organized section. This approach is one of the most classic ways to increase conversions. Why are all e-commerce giants like eBay and Amazon already using it, so why opt out.

Facebook reviews

Statistics show that 92% of online store visitors trust reviews made through social networks. Change your Marketing Forever Installing Amasty's Facebook reviews will not only create a great platform for social sharing and exchange of opinions, but also add credibility to all positive 5 star reviews on your website. And what's the best thing? This extension is absolutely free, so you can jump into the world of social reviews without using penny.

Out of stock notification

Avoid low stocks leading to loss of customers and profits. A great extension called Amento's Magento allows customers to be notified when inventory comes back up. There is no inventory, so it can not lead to more sales. Change your Marketing Forever In addition, this expansion is a great way to identify product demand and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Pro color swatch

With Color Swatches Pro, you can use images to select properties and provide a convenient zoom and lightbox that allows customers to view all the details of a product photo. With Color Swatches Pro, you'll discover what great features are available and how to improve the usability of your website. This extension allows you to display the product as a whole ray and use the image instead of plain text.

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