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Smart Ways to Get more Subscribers on YouTube

Smart Ways to Get more Subscribers on YouTube

Smart Ways to Get more Subscribers on Youtube Video content plays a leading role in content marketing (as of 208) YouTube is currently the premier platform for video blogging (video blogging), video sharing and video marketing. It's a free platform from Google and many people like me. Facebook and Twitter have recently entered the video marketing game, but still lack the power of YouTube. If you currently have a YouTube channel, you should be curious as to how you can increase your YouTube subscribers and how you can increase the reach of your YouTube videos.

There are more than a billion YouTube visitors per month, so you have a lot of audiences for every video you upload. Whether it's a playful video or a video from a fashionista's summer app reviews, YouTube is a platform for video consumption. As a whole new YouTube star emerges, this platform is for everyone who wants to promote and promote online marketing. Get more Subscribers on YouTube YouTube is a great platform for bloggers to broaden their reach by personalizing their followers. Bloggers are more likely to take advantage of social media tycoons and drive massive traffic on YouTube. To do this, you need to get more subscribers first. Note A detailed guide to getting YouTube subscribers is outdated. Make sure you have enough time to read it now. Or you can bookmark it at any time and read it later.

After another year, the resolution to build the YouTube channel was not completed

If you're thinking about reorganizing your YouTube channel, there are 20 smart ways to get more YouTube subscribers in 2018 I recently got the opportunity to attend the YouTube Fan Festival with VIP invitees (thanks to my great acquaintances), and a little interaction with them will reveal how these things work. I have another colleague (my student) who has seen tremendous growth of YouTube subscribers and viewers within two years. His number is not outrageous, but the total number of views is well over a million, which is more than justifying his efforts. Implementing these technologies correctly will help you achieve your goals.

Those who can not make plans will fail. The first step in getting started on YouTube is to plan everything on your channel. Then you need to plan the structure of your video. Decide what you focus on developing and developing relevant technologies. Do not emulate the trendy YouTube channel. To succeed on YouTube (and in life), it's more important to do what you love. Scripts help you write scripts effectively when you write them, so you can use scripts to organize and keep track of your videos. Get more Subscribers on YouTube By adhering to the script, you can stay on track without ever leaving the unrelated topic. This script ensures a perfect flow of events to create a well-focused video.

Include as much detail as possible in your video script.

  • The exact word you say.
  • What to do with the video.
  • The main points you need to emphasize.
  • All necessary call-to-action phrases (such as clicking this link and subscribing to your channel)
  • Also, write a script to identify and understand your target audience.

Are they technically savvy? Are people whose native language is not English? Are you smart and stupid? What is their level of professionalism in relation to you? Do they want something fun and informative.

Create attractive content (obviously).

It goes without saying that you have to go, but you have to create interesting, informative and interesting content. Be sure to keep it for the entire duration of your video. If you lose the ring in the middle, you will get a lot of viewers. The content that works best is pleasant or informative. The content that works best in practice is fun and informative. This is fairly standard in all kinds of content marketing, but especially the most informative and entertaining video is usually the most successful. In particular, you must upload Burst Video and Evergreen Video together. Burst videos fall into all rage for a limited time and get instant hit, but disappear with time. Evergreens videos get archived views and maintain relevance over time. Ideally, you should always create evergreen content whenever possible. If you're afraid of camera wrath, you can post a "screencast". You can still create fun and informative screencasts. Whatever you do, make sure your videos are engaging and valuable to your audience before you click the publish button.

Increase upload frequency.

It is not easy to say now, but I can not ignore its validity. The main reason someone subscribes to a channel is because they like their work and want to watch more. YouTube subscribers generally do not like channels that do not generate generic content. Especially in today's digital age, consumers want more and more entertainment. You must be able to respond to your needs. Consistency is the key to developing long-term relationships with subscribers. Release your videos in a timely, repeatable, and structured way. Post one video each week or at least one or two videos per month. Do not stick to your schedule and upload videos from this schedule. This will hurt your reputation. It's like watching your favorite TV series. New episodes follow on a regular schedule. This consistency helps keep your audience engaged.

Learn how to optimize titles.

One good way to do this is to give the video a weird name. This will entice a lot of people to visit your channel with curiosity. Using spoiled titles is critical to getting the views you need to take advantage of the social proof factor on your channel. But to get the most views, you also need to jump into the SEO part of YouTube marketing. Here's how to optimize your YouTube title to broaden your reach: Get more Subscribers on YouTube Use keywords in the title. This has had a bigger impact on SEO in the past, but still has a significant impact on video. Our crawlers do not watch videos by reading blog posts, so if you put keywords in the title, our robots will know what your videos are. Use Google Adwords to identify what people are searching on the web. Try the video in perfect harmony with high volume search and low competition. Do not make the title too long. We cut the length of the video to 66 characters and add "YouTube |" in front of the video (add 10 characters). Ideal video title should be 50 characters or fewer. Make your title reasonable. Tell your audience what the video is about. Create an attractive title. As I said above, using a quirky title will make more people click. The more clicks, the higher the ranking. Do not use the word "video" in the title. This only takes up space and does not help improve YouTube's search engine ranking (it can affect your normal search engine).

Make the most of channel customization.

In order for your visitors to trust their brand on YouTube, make the most of the customization options available on YouTube. It makes you look professional and your viewers respect and trust you. If you've already run the following blogs, use similar branding elements for your YouTube channel: This makes it easy to recognize on all platforms. With custom channel art that's built for YouTube, you can make yourself a brand. You can use the very inexpensive YouTube channel art service ($ 19 only) to create your own optimized YouTube channel art. Use custom background headers that contain some design elements of your blog. Make the most of YouTube custom channels and custom URLs to finish customizing your channel. Keep your body short. You can always link to the URL of your blog in the video description for more information.

Personalize your video thumbnails Here are some YouTube creators' agreements.

Create custom video thumbnails for each video, without generating them randomly. This just makes sense. Using annotations and related images as custom thumbnails for YouTube videos will increase your video's clickthrough rate (CTR). Custom video thumbnails with minor annotations tell the user the overall picture of the video. YouTube currently offers thumbnails at 1/3, 1/2/4, and 3/4 minutes intervals. Choose the one that best represents the content of the video.

Create attractive channel trailers.

YouTube offers a great feature called channel trailers, so you can play videos automatically when you open your YouTube channel. A channel trailer is an item that needs to be carefully worked on and improved to keep visitors engaged. It's moments when you need to get your audience's attention in a few seconds. A complete channel trailer lasts from 30 to 60 seconds. Here you need to provide a reason why potential subscribers should stay on the channel and why they should. If you are a good person in front of the camera, make a quick, informative, and interesting introduction with well-organized scripts. Check your audience retention rate in YouTube's channel reports to see if you are removing potential subscribers with a bored or long-running channel trailer. Adjust until it is perfect.

Use the call to action annotation.

Call-to-action" annotations are annoying pop-ups in your videos (may be a blessing to YouTube creators). Using it the right way will allow visitors to click through your videos to get more subscribers. Many YouTube users have reported increased channel subscriptions when they add these annotations to their videos. You can use the simple link you created to join your channel as a call-to-action for your video. If you use a graphic to add a call-to-action, you can rejuvenate it with a call-to-action annotation. Get more Subscribers on YouTube If you are not uncomfortable, you'll see an increase in channel subscriptions. But the key here is that you should not be annoying. If the only reason to make a video is to get more people to subscribe, then users will not subscribe. Be smart. Then it will pay off.

Use the correct tool.

There are many great tools. With the right tools, you can create videos with tools that can help you promote your video with tools that naturally help increase your viewership. And the more organic views you have, the more potential subscribers you can get. I recommend TubeBuddy for a while and anyone serious about YouTube marketing. TubeBuddy helps you find more viewers, make more money and automate your entire YouTube process. Make sure it is.

Let people find you.

YouTube gives you the option to link to your official web page and make sure you have it. This is meaningful, and there is no reason you will not do it. The effort to get visitors to your YouTube channel when capitalizing on the most interesting visitors to your website can be capitalized. In addition, your channel will be identified as an authentic representation of your brand on YouTube Add your website / blog URL to your channel in the channel settings on your YouTube page. You might consider adding a website / blog URL to the channel description itself. Likewise, add more subscribers to your YouTube channel by adding a "Subscribe" button for your blog.

Limit video to 5 minutes or less.

YouTube has long content, such as many detailed and in-depth reviews, but high-converting videos are videos that are less than 5 minutes in length. Comscore reported that in January 2014, the average length of most YouTube videos was about 4.4 minutes. For content creators who want to start, this is a golden number. Follow this number until you become Once you get a good impression, you can experiment with video length and see how your audience responds. Short, informative, fun, within 5 minutes. It's a tough challenge, but it's worth your effort.

Use YouTube Introduction and Outro.

  • Introducing and promoting YouTube not only helps branding, it also makes videos more fun.

  • Intro and Outro give your brand and give your video expertise. It's like the opening theme song of a TV show.

  • An attractive intro also keeps viewers stuck to the rest of the video.

Edit the video mercilessly.

Famous photographer Thomas Hawk claims that there are 10 rejected scenes for every photo he has published. The same applies to any type of editing. Edit your YouTube videos mercilessly and ensure that only the best videos are posted. If you rush to strictly adhere to your schedule and accidentally publish it, it will only harm you and your brand as a whole. During video recording, make a lot of recordings and make sure that only the best parts are selected. If you are not sure of a particular scene, shoot several times. I have not done much video editing on the Macintosh, but Adobe Premier works perfectly when using Windows. Get the right editing tools to help you in this (often) tough process. If you are willing to invest more time and effort in understanding cinematography, I suggest that you check out the Five C 's of Cinematography: Essential Tips for Filmmaking. It has great skills for both beginners and seasoned cinematographers.

Optimize the video description.

When you return to the SEO side of a YouTube video, you should not ignore the video description. This description not only allows you to find videos on search engines, but also gives potential viewers ideas about your videos. But do not exaggerate it. It is meaningless to have a very detailed description. This is because the first few lines of the description are displayed when the video is initially loaded. As with titles, use keywords in descriptions and do not overdo it. Do not add 17 keywords to your search engine. This is less likely to actually appear in search results. Keep it natural and authentic. Hint: Try linking to the "Squeeze page" in the video description.

Make the most of the meta tag.

Use the Google Keyword Planner to get ideas for relevant keywords for YouTube videos. Please add all of these keywords to your video. This makes it easier for you to search on Google and the YouTube search engine. Excessive use of keywords is not helpful, but using well-researched and well-placed keywords can lead to a bad ranking. If the number of videos is small, the content may not be good. Searchability may be low. Metadata plays an important role in displaying your videos in search results. You can browse for well-converted videos and use meta tags to get ideas. But do not just copy and paste meta tags. This will not help you.

Exit the video from the highs.

  • No matter what the characteristics of the video are, you must end the video to a high note.

  • Before the curtain falls, end the video in a memorable way, just like the last conversation.

  • If you like video, ask your audience to subscribe. Guide you to check out your website. Give them your phone number and ask them to call you (I do not recommend him).

  • Remember what you do.

  • If you never ask, the answer will always be negative.
  • Be sure to end your video with confidence and let audiences hear you appreciate their ratings.

  • Make Outro such as tail slate or brand with standard flags and "subscribe" annotations to all videos.

  • If you want to finish the video with a smile and want more, aspire to your visitors.

Consider collaborating with fellow YouTubers.

  • Recently collaborations on YouTube are gaining popularity among popular content creators.

  • Why?

  • Collaboration is beneficial to everyone.
  • It will help you, your collaborators and your audience.

  • The creative process is a constructive process, and viewing third parties as competitors hinders progress and frustrates and abhors the success of others.

  • Get close to similar users in your field and ask for an opportunity to work with something interesting.

  • You can connect to new audiences, collaborators can connect to new audiences, and viewers will appreciate all the added value they get.

Interact with loyal fans.

Social media is based on this intangible room that communicates and interacts with fellow people. It's about how much you care If you know that a fan likes a fan, the fan will like it. Interact with your audience and listen to requests in the comments section of your video. I do not know what rebellion and anger you'll get in the comments section, but you need to be polished with elegance and listen to the loyal fans. Reply to the comments below the video and consider your viewers always connected. This will build trust and they will respect you.

Consider prizes and video issues.

Give your audience something for all their participation in the YouTube channel. Free sweepstakes or video contests reward your current followers and help attract new followers. You can give away what you want.
  • New technology devices.
  • Branded polo shirts.
  • Hosting subscription.
  • New car.

Regardless of what it is, the audience will like the opportunity to get something free and tell all their friends about it (especially if the prize is really good). This is not only a free promotion, but also a free viral promotion. To get a really great gift, many YouTube hosts need to participate in a contest where users follow all their social media profiles. I recommend this method. It is best if your offering is related to your niche market, but even if it is not, the audience will still like to get something for free.

Promotion between platforms is essential.

Being active and active in social platforms in the social media era is a prerequisite for living. If you want to build a brand, you need to be searchable. Be active in the major social media platforms. At a minimum, you must have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. However, you can choose Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, and everything else. If you are on too many social media platforms and you feel like a logistical nightmare, you can stay organized by using automatic scheduling applications such as buffers. You can also use Facebook ads and Google ads to promote more on the web (we recommend using Facebook ads before Google ads). Get more Subscribers on YouTube You can also try a tool like Pay with a tweet that you can pay for a product with a tweet. This is a successful brand building method. By being seen on many places on the web, you have become a battery.

Bonus tips Active activity for the first 1000 YouTube subscribers.

Whatever you do, you have a strategy to actively go out and get the first 1000 subscribers as soon as possible. Let's build, they'll come' attitude does not work in social media. You should promote your channel with maximum power. Channels that buzz quickly will help you work harder and motivate your audience to produce better videos. Share what you've been working with your friends and ask them to subscribe if you're interested. Remember, do not bother your friends. They are not obliged to do anything. Communicate your business through other social media platforms with personal communication. Get more Subscribers on YouTube Ask your favorite people and subscribers (if you are interested).

Conclusion Experiment and exploration Only those who have committed charges will be impossible.

Working for someone else may not work for you. So stick to the way you continue experimenting and working. Experiment with camera angles, backgrounds, video thumbnails and all the techniques in this article. Keep track of changes and track how they affect the behavior of your audience. Please stick to the brand. Building value on YouTube requires a lot of effort, time, patience and long-term commitment. But ultimately, you can get the benefit out of patience.

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