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How to Tell if Facebook is Really Down or if your Computer or Phone is Acting up Source

Facebook is Really Down or if your Computer or Phone is Acting up Source

How to Tell if Facebook is Really Down or if your Computer or Phone is Acting up Source When Facebook collapses, how do you know that not only you but everyone is really disappointed? What should I do if this Facebook outage is not actually a power outage, but a computer, Facebook application, or a specific Facebook account? What then? Sometimes it can be hard to see if Facebook is down or it's just you, but there are usually a few or a few other signs. If your Facebook access issue seems to be more of a bug, read on for more help, including things you can try.

View Facebook error messages It might help.

In the perfect world, the error messages that you see on Facebook can tell you exactly what went wrong, and what, if anything, could have caused the problem. Unfortunately, we live in this world. It is very rare. Not just Facebook. Most error messages are general directions in the best direction. Here are three more common messages I saw when Facebook was down. Sorry. Something is wrong. We are working to solve this problem as soon as possible. Sorry. An error has occurred. We are working to solve this problem as soon as possible. Your account is temporarily unavailable. Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this issue to be resolved soon. This error sounds like a problem for everyone, but Facebook is for everyone, not just users. But this is not always the case. I think Facebook is for everyone. How can I be sure? Below is a list of things to do below.

These two messages are much clearer.

Facebook will be back soon. Facebook is currently down for maintenance and needs to be able to log in again in a few minutes. Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. You should be able to use it again in a few hours. Waiting for a message on any kind of maintenance on Facebook is about what you can do. Sometimes this maintenance affects all Facebook users, but sometimes it is only a fraction. fortunate!

No error message? That means something.

Sometimes Facebook was down without a message at all. The browser tries and tries but nothing happens and the screen becomes blank. There are usually two reasons why you are not seeing any kind of error in order to explain what is wrong with Facebook Facebook is having a hard time, and it is having serious problems that it can not even squeeze a few words through the Internet. The problem is not with Facebook, but with a computer or browser, a smartphone or app, or an Internet connection. Without an error message to continue, I think Facebook is for everyone! How can I be sure? Begin troubleshooting. If it does not unfold, I think Facebook is down for me. Is there anything I can do? Next troubleshooting. Tip: If you're lucky, you can get an HTTP status code if Facebook goes down when you do not have a Facebook-only message. 500 Internal Server Error, 403 Forbidden, and 404 Not Found errors are common errors, but Facebook may crash due to some HTTP status code errors.

I think Facebook is for everyone! How can I be sure

Facebook is Really Down or if your Computer or Phone is Acting up Source If you think Facebook is for everyone, or if you're not sure whether to start, you should do it in order. Check out the Facebook Platform Status page for information on the issues Facebook is experiencing or about downtime. If the problem is clear, Facebook is probably for everyone. Note: This page is hosted on Facebook and the information provided is directly from Facebook. Depending on the issue they have, the information here may not be updated or this page may not load. Search #facebookdown on Twitter. When Facebook is down, the first thing that comes to mind is Twitter. Tip: Pay close attention to the tweet timestamp on the #facebook download page. If you have a lot of recent tweets about Facebook, you can be sure the issue is much bigger than it is now. Finally, you may see one or more of many third party "health checkers" websites. Some contain down for all or just me, downright, downdetector and it is down right now.

Important: If Facebook status page and Twitter do not help, these may be helpful.

If none of the sources I've listed report that Facebook is broken or that some sort of problem has occurred, the most problematic scenario is that the problem is yours.
  • There is no fear, but there are many things that can be done and all are simple.

  • "I think Facebook is down for me! Is there anything I can do?"
  • Yes, there are a few things you can try if Facebook seems to be working properly for everyone.

  • Follow the troubleshooting guide below in order until Facebook starts working again.

Make sure you are actually visiting www.facebook.com. Continue to click on my link and make sure it works. If you use the Facebook app, make sure it is a legitimate app from Facebook, Inc.
2. Does Facebook have a browser? Try the app on your phone. If the app does not work, try signing in through your phone or browser on your computer. Note: With this method, you have minimal access to Facebook while still figuring out what went wrong in different ways. Some of the following troubleshooting might help.

Close all browser windows, wait 30 seconds, open a window, and then access Facebook again. If you're using a tablet or smartphone, do the same thing as the Facebook app. Tip: If your browser or app is not shutting down or you think it will stop working, restart your computer or other device and try again. Clear your browser's cache when you access Facebook in that way. This is a very simple step that tends to fix all kinds of browser related issues. Clear your browser's cookies. This is only helpful if Facebook is used for you and you use Facebook on your computer or mobile browser Check your computer for malware. Given the popularity of Facebook, it is not surprising that some viruses and other malicious software have focused on stopping Facebook.

Facebook is Really Down or if your Computer or Phone is Acting up Source If nothing is working yet, you're probably dealing with Internet problems. If you have a problem with your site in addition to Facebook, it's probably true. You can also check to see if you missed something and see if Facebook is for everyone Advanced Tip: Although not particularly common, Facebook may not stop at all, but instead the path to your computer or device to the Facebook server may not work properly. One way to test this is to use a DNS server that is different from your current DNS server.

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