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How to submit sitemaps to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask

How to Submit Sitemaps to Google Bing Yahoo and Ask

How to Submit Sitemaps to Google Bing Yahoo and Ask Once you have successfully created a sitemap for your website, you must manually submit it to your default search engine. This article provides users with the information and steps necessary to submit a sitemap to a search engine site. Individual submissions to Google, Bing, and Yahoo are valuable and time-consuming. Submit a sitemap to Google.

The first step is to verify your site. 

Google does not approve the site initially, and does not accept it. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools as you would any other Google feature. Click "Add site" and provide the URL of your Google site in the pop-up box. Then click Continue. On the page that opens later, press the radio button immediately after "Add Meta Tag". Copy the meta tag from the instructions box. I will use it later. Open a new tab in your browser and open the site you want to check. Click "More Actions" and click "Manage Site" in the list. On the tab just below the Site Settings tab, click General. Now paste the meta tag you copied from the instructions box into the place next to the verification. Save your changes. Navigate to the Webmaster Tools where the meta tag was copied. Click OK. The second step is to submit your Sitemap to Google. Go to the Webmaster Tools site. Please select a site in your sitemap. Click Site Configuration -> Sitemaps. In the top right corner, click Add / Test Sitemaps. Paste the following code into the pop-up box. / system / feeds / sitemap Submit your sitemap. <String> Your sitemap has been successfully submitted.

Submit a sitemap to Yahoo.

 Sign in to your Yahoo account. Go to Yahoo Site Explorer. Add the website to Yahoo by copying the URL of the site later and clicking Add my site. Please confirm that you are the owner. To submit a Sitemap, you must verify it before submitting your Sitemap. Otherwise, the sitemap will not be published. Click the website URL and click the feed link in the right column. Paste the sitemap URL and click the "Website feed" drop-down. Click Add feed later. The Yahoo team also checks and validates the site map and site. Start your site index as soon as you feel that your Sitemap is efficient and error free. Update Yahoo Site Explorer has been replaced with Bing Webmaster Tools, which submits sitemaps to Bing. Log in to your Windows Live account. Go to Bing Master Center.Add your website to the Bing search engine by typing the URL of the sitemap in the URL bar. Then, click Add Site. Bing staff checks and validates site maps and sites. They start indexing the site whenever they think the site map is error free.

Submit a Sitemap to Ask

 At this time, Ask.com can not submit a URL to a search engine site. However, they authorize you to submit a sitemap for your website. The interface is not as easy as a major search engine, but you can submit a sitemap for your site by pasting the URL provided below and pasting the domain name. http://submissions.ask.com/ping? sitemap = http: ///sitemapxml.aspx The above provided a step-by-step guide on how to submit sitemaps to major search engines. We've provided a simple and efficient path on how to do it. *** UPDATE: You can not submit your sitemap anymore on Ask.com. Please refer to your sitemap location in robots.txt so that Ask.com can index your content.

How to Submit Sitemaps to Google Bing Yahoo and Ask

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