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How to Save Time and Money Using Wifi on an iPhone

Save Time and Money Using Wifi

How to Save Time and Money Using Wifi on an iPhone Apple iPhone uses cellular networking to automatically connect to the Internet in most places. iPhone has built-in Wi-Fi. Some settings are required, but there are some benefits to using an iPhone Wi-Fi connection. Saving time: Wi-Fi offers significantly higher network bandwidth than the cellular protocols supported by iPhone (EDGE, enhanced GPRS, or 3G). This usually means a noticeably faster app download and navigation. Cost savings: All network traffic generated while iPhone is connected over Wi-Fi is not included in the monthly data plan quota.

Monitoring network connections on iPhone

The top left corner of the iPhone screen shows several icons that indicate network status. Connection strength: 1 to 5 bars representing the strength of the wireless signal detected by iPhone for the current connection (Wi-Fi or cellular) Carrier: The name of your carrier (for example, AT & T) is displayed next to the connection strength (even if iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi) Connection Type: The network connection type shown next to the provider name can be either "3G", "EDGE" or Wi-Fi (graphically indicated by three curves) If iPhone successfully connects to Wi-Fi, your cellular connection will switch automatically. Likewise, if the Wi-Fi link is disconnected or suddenly dropped by the user, it reverts to a cellular connection. Users should regularly check that their connection type is connected to Wi-Fi as expected.

Connecting iPhone to a Wi-Fi network

Save Time and Money Using Wifi The iPhone Settings app has a Wi-Fi section for managing connections to these networks. You must first change the Wi-Fi slider in this section from "Off" to "On". You must then configure one or more networks by selecting the "Other ..." option under "Choose a Network ...". iPhone needs to be able to recognize the new Wi-Fi network. String name: The public name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi network Security: Network encryption type of hotspot (WEP, WPA or WPA Enterprise, WPA2 or WPA2 Enterprise)

String Password: The network encryption key for the hotspot.

Save Time and Money Using Wifi Finally, in order to connect to iPhone, you must select the network configured under "Select Network iPhone will automatically connect to the first Wi-Fi network if the "Request a network connection" slider on iPhone does not move from "Off" to "On". The user can also select the network from which to start the connection manually from the list.

iPhone forgets Wi-Fi network

Save Time and Money Using Wifi If you want to remove a previously configured Wi-Fi network so that iPhone no longer tries to auto-connect or remember it, click the right arrow button associated with that item in the Wi-Fi list and then tap "Forget this network" Lt; / RTI & gt.

Limiting iPhone applications to use Wi-Fi only

Some iPhone applications, especially applications that stream video and audio, generate a relatively large amount of network traffic. When a Wi-Fi connection is lost, iPhone automatically reverts to the phone network, so people do not quickly realize their cellular data plan every month. To prevent unwanted cellular data consumption, many high-bandwidth applications have the option of limiting network traffic to Wi-Fi only. We recommend setting this option if it is available in your most frequently used apps. Additional settings on iPhone allow you to restrict cellular access itself while looking for Wi-Fi networks to join. Disable your cellular network connection in all apps by sliding "Cellular Data" from "On" to "Disabled" under General> Network in the Settings app. International travelers should set the "Data roaming" slider to "Off" whenever possible to avoid unwanted charges.

Set up an iPhone personal hotspot

You can configure Wi-Fi as a Wi-Fi router using the "Personal Hotspot Settings" button under Settings> General> Network. To use this feature, you must subscribe to the provider data plan with the appropriate support, and you will be charged a monthly additional fee. This feature also uses Wi-Fi for local device connections only and a slower cellular connection for Internet connections. However, the cost of using iPhone as a hotspot can be lower than the alternatives available, which can result in significant savings in some situations, such as hotels and airports where hotspots can be expensive.

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