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How to Make Money with Twitter in 2018

How to Make Money with Twitter in 2018

How to Make Money with Twitter in 2018 Twitter posts are a key element of any open networking strategy However, you do not need a weblog to earn revenue through your Twitter posts There are several ways to generate revenue from the Internet community without selling your products and solutions Twitter is not a channel for promoting other sites, but a very effective basis in itself. A Twitter post can be considered a successful market - for example, internet knowledge, or to be a mother and make a huge income. - And you can make a lot of enthusiastic supporters in that market. You can then tweet the hyperlink with interesting material from the web, so you can provide something valuable without having to create the material directly to the supporter So how do you make money? Promote your promotions, provide hyperlinks, and offer affiliate promotions in the same way you do on your blog. Here are some programs to help you generate earnings on Twitter:

One Sponsored Tweets

A sponsored twitter post is a well-known ad support feature for Twitter posts that allows you to set your own cost-per-click (CPC) when placing ads on Twitter. You can choose a twitter ad from a consistently modified, available ad record. You must have at least 50 supporters, 100 tweets, and at least 60 days old care to get this help.


Make Money with Twitter MyLkes is a comprehensive advertising base for Twitter posts, Tumblr, YouTube, and websites. You choose ads from a large number of promoters, and the time that marketing takes to consider your consideration is determined. You can earn $ 0.42 per click and pay every week.

Three Ad ly

Ad.ly is another ad-supported program that lets you show your ads on tweets. However, we do not get paid per click. Instead, after creating information about your enthusiasm, promoters can choose to consider the offer to promote it. To provide diverse tweets for a particular routine, say yes and you will be compensated for the group total.

Rev twitter

MakeMoney with Twitter Rev Twt is a pay-per-click based on Twitter-based promotional support. The more you have, the more popular you have, the greater your access to higher paying strategies. Payouts are generated via Pay pal if you have earned $ 20 in earnings.


The Twittad Foundation Statement is one of the first sponsored tweet systems. You can set your own cost-per-click (CPC), but the promoter must postpone the bid. You must also acknowledge the market so that promoters can take their stuff properly with you. When your income reaches $ 30, you'll be paid through your payout. There are many other ways to sell banner ads on information pages, set up your own rates, sell immediately available tweets, give personal ideas to your supporters, or generate income based on your Twitter posts There is. Enter the personal record of the supporters. These promotional solutions can also help you generate revenue through pay-per-click promotions.

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