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How to Make Money Online with Youtube in 2018

How to Make Money Online with Youtube in 2018

How to Make Money Online with Youtube Do you want to make some money on the internet? Why not try YouTube? You do not have to be lucky or popular to generate revenue on YouTube. But if you fall into such good fortune, you will generate a lot of money. This is thanks to the organization that pays to promote through YouTube (users who are owned by search engines appreciate users who do not know This post will provide you with the concept of creating video clips that can actually make money on YouTube and provide you with a set of professional guidelines on how best to make the most of the video clips you publish. . Whether you're looking to make a little personal money or profit a video clip marketing, this publication has something for everyone. Do not expect to hurt your wallet. Do not appeal to money and prosperity beyond your crazy goals. But if you are actually looking for a real way to make money on the internet, you have been held out for. First, let's start with some statistics on some video clips. I want to show that while I am not giving money, I am certainly creating enough to smile in my experience. Do not be too quick to sketch the results of these numbers because you now have to consider how to create and run video clips. I will protect this aspect in the following areas, but it is quite impressive when, what it is for, what it is, what I am creating whatever it is. I do not label specific video clips. This is because we are not sure if it violates the search engine ToS. Either way, the statistics are.

How to Make money with youtube

As you can see, there is no cover declaration "X quantity guarantees X quantity". Unfortunately it does not work that way. To check more factors, here are some stats from my own video clips that have pretty amazing ad revenue performance Was it difficult? If you ask anyone, $ 0.50 may be the first thing you get online. It's really exciting. However, the income from the character itself is miserable. Nonetheless, I wanted to give a sense of how different the performance is, but the potential to actually generate income is certain. Next, we'll see why performance is so different and the potential for better performance. Later, YouTube will take the necessary steps to start getting cash Ad Performance: What is a transaction On the last page we published some statistics for YouTube videos. The numbers all show that beyond the position, the number of guests can not predict how much they will generate. In other words, 1,000 guests do not mean instantly earning $ 1.00. This is because of the types of ads that have been proven in video clips For example, suppose you post a video clip about how to prepare a biscuit. Most of the movie's headlines will have the effect of "How to prepare biscuits." The information below the movie then lists the formulas, such as the famous manufacturer of the product you purchased to make biscuits. Finally, add labels to the film for cooking, biscuits, manufacturers, and dishes, equipment, etc. Now, when someone watches a movie, it's most likely to see an ad that matches a specific description of the movie, such as biscuits, cooking, and Lg equipment (known as the brand). Basically someone (hopefully a lot of people) will click on one of their proven ads. So, I decided to go into a personal concept here. Let's take a look at the next part.

How to Make Money Online with Youtube

Here are some things you can do to keep YouTube informed of your movie title, movie information, label, classification, and the actual name of the clip you uploaded: However, Engine Find thinks you need to consider several aspects, such as the ads that appear in YouTube movie clips (if the clip has information to extract from the clip) and the location of the person viewing the clip. , And biscuits that can be obtained from the audience's computer. The engine can not use one of them, but the goal is to generate revenue. If you do not show ads that are best suited to everyone watching YouTube movies, your chances of getting cash (and therefore opportunities) are reduced So, I think finding an engine is more than just running an executive ad, and it works for the benefit of the advertiser. However, there is absolutely something you need to do to fully describe the material of the film. And it's time to move on to the next phase of market analysis. While not a requirement, market analysis can greatly increase the likelihood of finding a movie through YouTube queries.
Keyword Analysis on YouTube Before exploring this area, rush the market analysis to not being confident about something like guests, earnings, visibility or other. Individually, I think market analysis is excellent not only for understanding the excellent terminology associated with video clips that I plan to publish, but also for studying film ideas to do in the first place. So I will go one step further and show you how to better identify some of the information you provided during the analysis.

Let's start with YouTube keywords and key phrases recommendations

There are two basic ways to search for keywords with this tool: passionate terms and movies. The first technique finds passionate phrases to find popular and relevant keywords. Simply put, "burn cookies" in the search box tells you how many search terms are searched per month, not just the right keywords for "baking biscuits." The second technique will tell you the URL of the YouTube movie you'll use to get keyword and referral suggestions. It is quite amazing. This is a great way to see YouTube's recommendations on the right keywords for your video clips When we used the first technique to search for keywords and keywords, when we found "baking biscuits," instead of displaying a variety of search queries each month, we found "insufficient data." Check it.

YouTube's market analysis,

In past web pages, I found that burning cookies failed to yield useful information regarding the number of visitors (that is, the approximate diversity of those who visited YouTube in a month). However, that does not mean that you want to rely on video clips showing how to prepare your grandmother's popular "carn sarn hot diggity dang" biscuits What you want to do here is to see what kinds of recommended videos you would like to see, like "baking cookies" on YouTube, and what kinds of movie clips will splash when shopping for "baking biscuits". First go to YouTube. You can then start typing incrementally to see recommendations from YouTube each time you add more webpages. Individually, I wanted to see how far after entering "baking". YouTube not only recommends "baking biscuits," but also wants to know how far away the referral records are from the phrase. It tells you how far I can get before burning cookies The third result is actually pretty good! What it means is that when I entered "Baking c" there was enough exploration of the "cookie burning" we found that it was better to "burn cookies" than "baking chicken" or "burn desserts for newbies" is . "So, when I saw what I found, here's what I saw As you can see, those face-over-all ads for Google are an excellent designation, as many promoters who have been sending out for me to prove their ads for search phrases will mean. For those who do not know how the ad world works, the more ads you have, the more competitors you have. This indicates that an organization with higher ads than the other ads is spending more money to show ads first. So if you have a movie clip on YouTube and the ads from high-paying organizations are proving to be someone you're looking at, you simply get a bigger piece of pie than a low-priced ad.

How to Make Money Online with Youtube With all of this in mind, look for a box where you can see the number of movies YouTube has returned for your search. You can usually think of it as a competitor. Then watch all the movies that appear on the first web page of the results. How many opinions do you have? How long did you stay (1 30 days, 6 weeks, 1 season or more)? Do your real keywords and key phrases appear in the title or description? These are all factors to consider ... Although you may have little or no regard for how well you capture the keywords and key phrases, key words and key phrases, If you can, YouTube will clip out the blank (pointing out on the next page) to the outside of the people you're looking for. If you have all of these ads in your keywords or key phrases, think that you can color your opponent's various images Now the final step in improving YouTube (YouTube) information related to your actual keywords and key phrases is to look it up in quotes. The display is very different from the results you get when you shop for "Cookie Cooking" in the quotation. As you can see, the overall diversity of the film has been greatly reduced, and the films in the output are quite different. Most of the ads, however, remained the same. This is excellent, meaning that "baking cookies" is the true phrase that promoters are passionate about spending for advertising.

So is it worth "baking a cookie"? That's the decision! Perhaps through the analysis, you find that "baking cookies" is a misnomer to all of us! Perhaps you want to travel in the direction of "how to prepare cookies". It may seem like a lot of work to do, but in reality, this type of analysis can be done very quickly. Especially once you get used to it An important factor in keeping your thoughts in mind is that this can not be the creation or suspension of a movie. You can just learn the concepts, remove the search phrases that you particularly want to focus on, and generally color the entire image. One class of observations is that if nobody is looking at the syntax, or if you publish a movie clip and keep it in your own gadget, your feedback may not be right. The following will protect some dos, do not, best methods, ideas / pointers according to my personal expertise. Then protect everything with the real action you need to take to start making real cash on YouTube!

What to post

On my first webpage, I've made some statistics available for my video. In the next two webpages, we provided summary and information about market analysis via YouTube. But before you actually leap, you need to invest some time considering the movie clips you want to publish first. Here are some concepts to get your mind into account when considering the right path.
Think of yourself as excellent about movie clips on the subject (guitar, home fix, cooking, etc.)
Review movie clips on enthusiastic topics (music, movies, performances, devices, etc.)
Play a movie clip of your favorite activities (I really want to do this, personally).
Personal movie clips (comedy, perceptual, political, personal, do you want to see you?)
So, what would you post? If you want, consider studying through the rest of your content or staying here. Either way, this is where you have to make something if you want to publish it with profit Best techniques, tasks, tasks, etc Let's look at a variety of factors, from what DOS does not do, to the best technology, to personal guidelines based on my encounter. This record is not at all different from the end, but getting the right path information is not enough. It will also help you raise the appropriate concerns to ask yourself through travel. In that, in any particular purchase of importance First of all, make it fun. Be aware that there is nothing to be guaranteed unless you are willing to work diligently on this project. It is not opinion, visitor or income. I will invest in everything I do - creating, editing, publishing (such as creating headlines, information, etc. while uploading clips), and exporting the news (I will protect it a little). And more. Try to create such a fun project (unless you are studying this content from a business-oriented point of view, you already know what this venture is in any situation) No mouse click advertising, right? : wrong. It's easy for anyone who does not click on the ad (like me) to consider you as a favorite and to consult yourself with the ad-based design. So, if you have that way of thinking, give yourself a profit and do not predict it for everyone. Many people may seem to click on your ad. Otherwise, you can only generate earnings for the X individuals who saw your ad. They do not even have to click! Generating such income is generally ridiculous, but it is still free cash and every dollar is important. Let me see my third movie example on my first page. I received 2,400 comments and only $ 0.50. It's a fix of the ass, but it's also an unexpected fix that it did not have in advance!

Speak about hitting an ad: Do not click on the ad that runs in your movie clip. It is known as a scam click and your AdSense review may be completed. And if you do not realize how you can convince millennial prisoners, it 's ridiculous to get cash that can be created with fraudulent clicks. I will not go to jail or any other place, but after completing the AdSense consideration I get a hindrance to my butt. You should be prepared in case you need to monetize later using AdSense. Do not monetize movie clips that you do not own. You should not publish movie clips that are officially part of others. Anyway, it's a wise decision not to do so because before you can get a movie clip on YouTube, the search engine needs to navigate a level of screen that is not dangerous to your promoter. To do so, you must publish the movie clip, but do not post any material that can be removed from the search engine. Once the movie clips can be credited to cash, they will not post any material associated with others, especially those that do not. Your AdSense considerations may be banned sooner than you can say, "Jemima's pancake aunt!" If you want to know more about what you should not do, click here and find the end of the site Knowing FPS and development, this guideline is for you: If you are an HD nut, I will try hard to find a way to get the best quality 1080p movie. Maybe you can upload it to YouTube. First, we know that everything we submit is encrypted on YouTube. You can not publish uncompressed 1920 x 1080 60 FPS .avi data files and you end up with a huge 1080p YouTube movie because you are expected to perform best on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is not the way it is done.

How to Make Money Online with Youtube

An item that exceeds 30 FPS is the amount you spend because it is the maximum size YouTube allows for your video. However, YouTube protects the reduced price. For observation, YouTube encodes the movie clip using the H.264 codec, which is a fantastic codec in most situations, but it does not encode the kind of movie clip you want to perform (HD activity video). So you have to try a bit more with the way you provide YouTube, so you should end up with something as unique as possible. Once it's done, the following hyperlinks are the top promotions for me: Web Link 1, Web Link 2, Web Link 3, Web Link 4, Web Link 5. Among them, all you want to know, then some Avoid all of them altogether, as you will find Research, analysis, and research: In addition to the ones already discussed in this article, you can explore where you are more concerned about studying topics of interest, visitors, and competitors. For example, many movie clips have community statistics that are beyond their reach, just as the website is showing visitors! Also look at the content to see if the individual is concerned about being unprotected. It is a great way to gather information that you can run in relation to what you want to keep in history Do not delay clicks. Although we've focused our attention on YouTube, especially because of market analysis, we recommend that you avoid posting movie clips and delaying mouse clicks. This is the result of a movie clip, but not often. It does not generate anything. Use the old example of "baking biscuits" to see keyword and keyword information that you can gather from Google keywords and core syntax tools. Also, be sure to use the same techniques described in previous web pages on search engines to burn cookies. This is a great way to find websites that can post web links to movies and more. Another concept is to use community networking. Use tweets to search for individuals who are discussing "baking cookies" in their tweets. Based on what they say, you can post a web link to your movie while dealing with your own problems. Facebook or MySpace is another excellent thing. I recently purchased a copy of Alienware computer and created a movie clip to show what an individual can do. On one of the clip clips, Alienware's Facebook or myspace webpage, "I wanted to show you the latest features of the Alienware M18x R2, so there's a 1080p activity movie that works up to 1080p. Set it out!" Alienware likes the concept "As well as posting a new location on the wall with a web link to the movie. Hello, traffic!

Lastly, be aware of the last point I mentioned about finding YouTube commentators with concerns about movie clips related to the topic I was attracted to. Well, you protect your personal title when you run across them, then you conceptualize the web link when you publish it, "Hey, you've observed that you're asking for something like that. Here is my answer to your question: "If your material is useful, it will definitely spread to your own level, but you will always do better to help it. Do not take your visitors for granted. I can never be sure Ask other people how the movie clip works. You will be surprised how many people are approaching how to run the movie clip. All you have to do is ask! Of course, an individual can lie about himself or neglect himself, but as a concept, he says, "I want to create a video clip on this topic, a bit of a bit of worth seeing." In most cases, Will be helpful and will not work at all. Just believe it Adjust as needed: Once you've made money with your video clips, go ahead and see what types of ads work. If they do not fit, maybe you should consider modifying headlines, information and / or search phrases. No problem scanning and upgrading if necessary And now the next web page and the last web page determine this information. I will explain exactly what you need to do to make the configuration. (It's easy.) Then keep some separate concepts.

Get ready to get cash on the internet with YouTube.

  • 1. Set up a search engine account: If you do not already have a search engine in mind, go and set it up. Must be used with YouTube and AdSense.

  • 2. Show on YouTube: Once you design your search engine, you should be able to sign in to YouTube. Otherwise, go to the details you requested and set up YouTube consideration.

  • 3. Display AdSense for Search Engines: Once again you need to be able to sign in to AdSense with a search engine, but setting it to AdSense indicates that you need to publish much more information, such as deals. Diversity, and SSN / TIN. You do not need to make an error about what the search engine is doing with your ads, so you need to provide tax details for each season's earnings. I also do not know if this is still the case these days. I made a final decision about AdSense. The bank confirmed by sending a card worthy of the street check by mail. I had to contact a variety of things and put a value on the card. The entire procedure took about 7 days. Oh, if you feel that the AdSense website is not running when you check out the AdSense website, please disable your software / add-on ads.

  • 4. Post a video clip or 2: While this is waiting for a card that the search engine delivers to confirm your transaction, this is a local plumber or two who upload a video clip, so you can create a record on your website. Clip clips do not have to be published. They may be unregistered or even personal. You only need to have a movie clip that you need to consider to generate revenue.

  • 5. Allow your video to generate revenue. After YouTube review is complete, click "Settings" by default and look for "Monetization" at the end of the left sidebar. By default, you must have the "Use my account" option, which you can click on by default. If you have not seen it yet, YouTube does not have enough records. It's okay because it does not take a long time. And it's much simpler to set this up than a few months ago. Anyway, if your income is allowed, you can review AdSense via the web link.

  • 6. Post and review frequently. When you're done with all the settings and are ready to move on to the next step, review this post! There are many concepts to review new concepts for creatives, movie clips, and so on.

With the first and major, I would like you to go away using something with this content. I know there are a lot of things to accept, and some of you absolutely need an opportunity to learn. If you are in such a situation, my guidance is to bring your time to energy, to relax, and to have fun while studying all of this. If you are concerned, you may be worried. I am here to help. (After a certain element, it's basically impossible to keep up with feedback anymore, so it's best to send an email to the page and email it.) Thanks for your efforts to study all of this. Make sure that the attention of the audience is good enough. Best luck in your efforts to make all your money.

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