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how to increase your youtube adsense revenue

how to increase your youtube adsense revenue

how to increase your youtube adsense revenue Many people who first came to YouTube are thinking of making money. Money is good. Maybe it's even really good. However, there are a lot of actions you need to take before your YouTube partner account starts moving anywhere, and your YouTube AdSense revenue will start to grow. This guide is divided into four sections.
Improve your video
Ad improvements
Channel management
Marketing on YouTube to increase viewership
If you've already signed up for AdSense, you can get many words straight away.

Improve your YouTube videos.

This is more than making a better video. This is to improve the video experience. Of course you have to create a video that people really want to see, but you need to manage the video in the way you create Two of the most famous on YouTube are Smosh's Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. They have started using embarrassing cameras in their current smartphone's camera. They created great videos that are not good equipment but appealing to the YouTube target market. I'm not saying that everyone should run around and act like an idiot, but it goes a long way with some personality and fun in the YouTube world.
  • Check your news schedule
Increase your Youtube Adsense Revenue Regular uploads build a video library as well as quickly building audiences when they come and watch at a consistent time. At first, you can only make 50 cents on a video. If you have 5 videos uploaded in 2 months, you will not make money. If you have 50 videos in those two months, it will help fan support and increase your YouTube AdSense revenue. All of the highest YouTube importers followed this strategy. Currently retired Ray William Johnson is a great example of creating great content with a regular schedule.
  • What should happen during the video and upload process Every video you post requires
Use SEO tactics effectively. Fill out all the details of the description, tag, and title. Rarely, but consistently use keywords. Make an introduction to quickly inform viewers who you are. Do not use it for annoying or misleading. Make a code of conduct that clearly explains what people want to do. You click on your blog "to visit the blog." Are you going to grow your video blogging? "When I click on a subscription, I follow my channel." YouTube pop-up text is important. Each video is a new opportunity to meet someone for the first time. 1- Make sure you are following this question. 2 - Tell me who you are. 3 - Tell them what you want. YouTube users look forward to this fact and will notify you if you want to do so.
  • Last point of YouTube description
Increase your Youtube Adsense Revenue YouTube displays a small amount of information to viewers. This is part of the description that needs to be told precisely about what happens in the video. Below that is the "Add" button. Whenever a user clicks, you can freely link with your blog, your website, social network and your mom if you want. This is where users go to learn more about you. You want them to know more about you.
  • Create your own thumbnail
At the bottom of the upload screen, you'll see three options for thumbnails provided by YouTube. Each of these three thumbnails shares an absolutely terrible common feature. The graphical editing application may change after a few minutes. Check out the great examples of the well-known YouTubers (left to right). Good Peter, Epic Meal Time, how to finish, Smosh.

Improving YouTube AdSense Ads

Already a YouTube partner Is that correct? good. The first way to improve your ads is to improve your search engine ranking. Keyword research for high-ranking words in your industry or field is important. Better keywords = more traffic = better ads = more YouTube advertising money. This point is also directly related to the tag. Tags are used to link similar videos together. Once you have a better relationship, you can get more opportunities. Keyword research is important.
  • Do not show ads within the video.
Putting ads in your videos can cause conflicts of interest to advertisers. These partners can keep up with YouTube AdSense. Feel free to use call to action on your website. But do not try too far. And do not forget viewers in all these ways. They want to see as many ads as they want to go back to TV in their rabbit ears. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Philip DeFranco is working with more advertisers recently. He must choose what suits his brand, and apply it to the video in a way that is inconspicuous. sxephil was an exception because we have been securing our audience for a long time. The new channel can not solve this problem.

Create a YouTube channel for long-term viewing

Increase your Youtube Adsense Revenue You can watch great videos, but if you do not have a great channel, you will not be able to earn significant YouTube AdSense revenue. If your channel supports a blog, website, or company, you must follow the logo and color. This will help you visually connect the two properties. If the YouTube channel is all original, specify styles from the video that lead to the style, thumbnail, and overall themes. You can do this in the following ways.
  • Complete all profile information
  • Use customizable, memorable cover photos
  • Customize the background color to match your color scheme.
  • This step may appear to be unimportant, but you can build a channel where people can come back and recognize it immediately. This will reduce a single question and increase your YouTube Adsense revenue.
Check out Jenna Marble's memorable header image. It shows her, has unique colors, connects to other social profiles, and has too many dogs. Vary the way video is delivered Other YouTube users want something different from your channel. Some will not know you well and will want to invest in short videos. Your biggest fan can watch longer videos for 10 minutes. You may want to sit down for hours and watch multiple videos in a row.
  • Planning for this:
Increase your Youtube Adsense Revenue Produce videos of various lengths. YouTube users see the timestamp at the bottom of the video to see if they have time to watch the video Create a series of video playlists. Over time, you can create videos from a variety of topics. Create playlists that you can sit and watch when your biggest fan or violent observer feels There is no "one video size fits all" solution. By creating different lengths and playlists, you can find viewers with different needs, increase overall YouTube views, and increase YouTube AdSense revenue.
  • Create a community
Increase your Youtube Adsense Revenue The most successful YouTubers did not monetize YouTube AdSense on their expensive video equipment and were created with their fans. You can do this in the following ways:
  • Ask your fans for feedback in the Comments section
  • Please respond directly to your best opinion.
  • Create regular video updates telling your fans what they are up to.
  • Responding to videos from other users
This allows fans to feel like they are participating in what they are doing. This is an easy task, as they continue to come back when you feel the connection, and the content that you produce by addressing your concerns Here are some of the most successful YouTube subscribers in your business. Use PillDiePie to get a warning about Friday. It shows how to end up with a lot of foolishness and some sniffing (maybe NSFW).

Marketing plan on YouTube

If we can do everything right on YouTube, can our dreams come true? sigh. Here are a few ways to market your videos and channels on YouTube and increase your YouTube revenue.
  • Embed a video in a blog post
For those who want to promote their blog this will triple! That's because blogs are rich keyword platforms. YouTube does not have many opportunities. This allows you to Notify fans of your platform about your videos. Link your videos to one SEO job and YouTube SEO effort on your blog. Views and sharing opportunities increased when the video was hosted elsewhere. Do not forget the non-YouTube portion of the Internet to expose your videos to the outside world. Partnering with other bloggers is the way blogs are created. You will get some promotion, you will get some video content that people enjoy watching - you win both The obvious way to realize this partnership is to take a video response to your post. They can use it for a completely new post or include it in the original post.

Video content and social media make perfect couples.

Since your videos share the most popular content, your videos will also start taking pictures. Watch the video, share the video, and have your friends watch the video. Meet the requirements of each social platform. Facebook and Google+ have great video previews. All YouTube videos look good. Twitter helps you promote one video at a time. You can not try to pitch the entire channel with a single tweet. Instagram and Pinterest have difficulties with video. Pinterest really welcomes DIY content and crafts or home improvement. Instagram will thrive with an exceptional image, but the video is considered a bit inconvenient. Vines are a whole new monster, and if you want to tweet the video. If you have clips longer than 6 seconds in a video clip, put it on and direct viewers to the rest. Blogging and blogging together. By following these four things, you can increase your YouTube AdSense, increase your blog visitors, and create great videos.

How to Increase your Youtube Adsense Revenue

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