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How to Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified

How to Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified

How to Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified So I decided to share information about what I know about this Facebook page verification topic. I do not want to tell you what a confirmed profile or page is. 'Everyone knows. So I like to go directly to the topic on how to validate your Facebook page. Before we talk about Facebook page / profile verification, let's see who can perform this certification process. Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified Like other blogs, I do not directly say, 'Please do this process for page verification'. Because some readers read the information and follow that step and are disappointed with bad results later on. So I just want to be honest with my blog readers. So I just want to share true information. On some pages, Facebook will automatically check and provide the verified symbols. There are two friends who have automatically verified the badge on the artist page. However, we can not expect our page to be automatically verified. That's why we want to share a process to get a verified badge through a manual process. So let's explore the subject.

How to Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified

Who is eligible to view your Facebook page / profile?

Celebrities and Certified - Sports, Media, Politics and Entertainment. Global brands and business Officials. So if you are in one of the above categories, you can see your Facebook page. To be honest, neither the public nor the public can get a verified page. Also, local businesses can not be certified. I applied for verification and saw a lot of people, most of whom have failed. Therefore, please understand that it is not easy to verify our page. Now that you know how to read and understand the following methods, learn to do.

You can submit one of the proofs from the list below.

  • Birth certificate
  • passport
  • driver's license
  • Bylaws (if representing a media, entertainment or sports company)
  • What do I need to do before applying for verification?

Make sure you have created an information section on the page.

If you have an official website, please link to the front page of that site. In other words, insert your page like a box on your site.
  • Validation types available for your Facebook page:
  • Automatic confirmation via Facebook
  • Complete the form to submit proof sheet
  • Manual verification (help near Fb office) (This method is mostly effective only for fame / artist / celebrity / business person)
  • To check your Facebook page:
So go to the form I wrote above and follow the steps written there. Of course, I'll explain all the steps here, so look at the bottom,

How To Get Your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified

  • Select the required page from the 'Select page' drop-down box.

  • Click 'Select File' to attach the proof sheet.

  • If you have your official website, please submit a link.

  • Finally, click Send.
So if you successfully complete the process, you will receive mail on Facebook in a short time. Later, you will receive a message again about your confirmation status. So this is the official way to check the Fb page. I've seen other ways of contacting the intermediary to charge money to verify your page. Or you can go to the nearest Facebook office. Of course, if you contact the mediator, they will also ask you for your evidence to submit it to the Facebook staff you know. Or if you go directly to the Facebook office, Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified you must provide evidence that you are eligible for the blue badge. So you have to submit evidence, no matter what.

Incredible false information:

Some people say there should be over 20,000 people on their blog to get our pages verified. But it was wrong information. I saw 3,000 favorite pages that have 1,000 favorite things. Therefore, more people on your page do not like it. It's about whether you are real or not. On some blogs, another way to check Facebook pages is to link the Fb page to the official website. Well, actually, this is a way to show that we are real. However, this does not mean that your page is clearly identified. What I'm trying to say is that having a website and linking it with a Fb page is a big advantage to prove that we are! However, simply connecting an FB page to a website does not automatically identify our page. So try to understand the logic here. So simply connect the website with fb page, but do not expect it will check your facebook page. If you do not have a website and you do not have a lot of knowledge about creating or running a website, you can create and manage websites at a professional expense.

How many days does it take to check your Facebook page manually?

<A: I know this is because there are a lot of friends who have seen a Facebook page through manual review, and many pages have been verified. Celebrity, sports, music, politics, etc. Category pages take 3-6 days! For business category pages, it may take 7 - 45 days! (It can take up to 45 days because many verification steps are performed.) (Checking the blue badge is not a gray badge! Checking the badge is easy and takes only a few days.) Note: This manual verification method can not verify normal persons! The FB staff must have your reputation already in your field to check and make your confirmation You know, there are people who share false information, so you can get massive amounts of posts. So be careful. Get your Facebook Page Blue Badge Verified These are the only ways to get a verified Facebook page because I've done a lot of research on this topic and I have friends who get the verified page.

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