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How to Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog

How to Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog

How to Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog The first thing you need to make money online is your Google AdSense account authorization. Most people have monetized their Google AdSense account. There are also many people who think that it is very easy to make money. However, if there are no or few visitors per month, advertising on a website is useless. Another common mistake is an account request that immediately applies when a new website or blog is brought online by its owner. Our content engineer declines because there is no content.

How to Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog

Steps before applying for AdSense:

This article explains how you can approve Google AdSense. It is essential that you follow these steps before you apply (explain what the law source requires or should do). You should read the Google AdSense Standard Terms describing how to best display your ads on your website. As I pointed out above, it's useless to apply for Adsense google directly with incomplete data about Blogger or WordPress's new website or blog! Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog It is not mandatory to wait for 40 to 90 days until you apply (required by law). If you find that your website has sufficient organic traffic from search engines, it's a good idea to apply for a Google AdSense blog. Authorization takes time, but you can earn more because you have the same publisher ID advertised on multiple blogs. If you keep in mind before you apply for it, you should have a unique (original) and good quality content (SEO Friendy article) on your blog or website, it is not recommended to comply with its standard terms. Otherwise it will be blocked.

How do I get my Google AdSense advertising account quickly approved?

I will let you know how to accept the authorization request within one month. Google AdSense ad approval is ten steps away from you and we read it one by one, so we are confident that your ad will be accepted without error by our advertising program. Make sure your posts are not copied from other websites, as they provide 40-50 unique articles through keyword research that is appropriate for your SEO, Google recognizes them, and does not accept them in the AdSense advertising program. Your website or blog must have a privacy policy, terms of service, company introduction, and contact page, which will increase your acceptance by 40%. Also, make unique titles and descriptions that match for each page. Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog Use search engine friendly links on your website. Make your website design as simple and smooth as possible.

Make sure your site has sitemap.xml. This is not difficult to create and is ready in minutes using the Google Sitemap generator plugin. Make sure that there are no dead links on your website and that there are no illegal messages or copyrighted material such as photos or videos. Always provide the owner's credit if you use external material as if you have image credits. Send your site with Google Webmaster Tools and set up Google Analytics for the website where you want to use AdSense ads so that Google can see that your visitors are 100% legitimate, not robots. It also helps Google search engines index your website and drive visitors to your website. Always use your actual Google Account and register with Adsense using your real name and address (do not enter fake data). Please do not join if you are under 18 years old. You must be at least 18 years old to join the ad network. So if you want to make it and you are under 18, please have an account with your name and address on your parents or guardian. Use common or standard AdSense languages such as English, Dutch, Frenchf Use Blogger.com to freely host your page (blog or website). Get Instant Google Adsense Account Approved for new Blog Once you get a unique domain name, the acceptance probability is 50% higher. Decrease the bounce rate. A high bounce rate lowers visitor satisfaction . If you use there  tips carefully, you will be accepted within a month.

Bonus AdSense tricks and tips:

We will now discuss the solution if it is somehow blocked. Most bloggers who are new to AdSense often start making mistakes and click on their ads. Google does not allow you to click on your own ads. Bonus AdSense tricks and tips Now you need to know exactly what click fraud is. Each time you click on your ad through your publisher ID, you receive a small amount of advertising. If a visitor clicks on your ad, you can earn money. Click fraud happens when you or others repeatedly click on your ad.

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