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How to Choose the best Theme for your Wordpress Website

How to Choose the best Theme for your Wordpress Website

How to Choose the best Theme for your Wordpress Website Looking for the right template for your WordPress site, but do not want to get lost in a variety of products on the web? How can you find a reliable provider that can give you exactly what you are looking for? Let's take a look at the key points to consider when choosing a theme for your WordPress site. WordPress is famous for its flexibility and high level customization. The massive WordPress community has developed a lot of smart plugins and extensions that can shine web projects. Now that you can easily plan your business online - there are important points when choosing the right WordPress template. Let's take a closer look at the key points to consider when choosing WordPress themes on your site.

Free or Premium Theme - What are the items to choose from?

The first thing many people think about is whether to consider a free WordPress theme that can provide enough features for a premium or quick start. Everything depends on your budget and the features you need to introduce your business on the web. In general, small businesses, start-ups and private projects run on a limited budget, so the free WordPress theme is the best solution. Key theme developers, such as TemplateMonster, WooThemes, ElegantThemes, and InkThemes, regularly update their galleries with free WordPress templates. This gives you the opportunity to find cool designs that include enough features to make your web look amazing. Compared to free solutions, premium templates tend to provide more functionality. Also, they are relatively inexpensive at a starting price of $ 50- $ 70 depending on the theme provider you choose. Because of intense competition, theme providers are constantly improving their products and enhancing their dashboards with unique, intuitive, and customizable features that make it easy for beginners to use. Premium themes are more stable. Due to regular updates, advanced features have been added, allowing you to adjust your design in a variety of ways. Premium themes offer special offers that can be useful for specific niche markets with attention to detail.

Choose the best Theme for your Wordpress Website Typically, theme developers provide technical support for your product. If you encounter problems during the installation or modification of your design in such a way, you can always ask for help. Detailed documentation, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides are generally included. To help you make the decision, most premium sellers offer ratings, user reviews, and forums. It is up to you to choose between these two options. Choose the most profitable proposal based on the size of your business and the amount of data you want to share. From my perspective, premium wordpress themes are more reliable and attractive than free themes. Given that the free download is not possible, it's possible that your theme will provide a unique attraction to your website.

Simple vs. Multipurpose Templates

The basic concept of a versatile WordPress template is to create a universal design that fits any type of brand, company, or organization. The versatile templates include many features that allow you to turn your regular WordPress blog into a powerful business or ecommerce web page. Generally, these products come with responsive layout, multiple browser support, social media integration features, and SEO optimization. The versatile WordPress theme has everything you need to extend your reach and increase your loyalty. Pan. A simple WordPress theme is less powerful than a multipurpose theme. There is no extensive theme option provided by the latter, and it is generally intended to create a specific type of web resource. Of course, you can always use the many plug-ins and extensions provided by the WordPress community to expand functionality. But in this case, you will spend more time, money, and effort to convert WordPress blog themes into e-commerce products.

Simple vs. Multipurpose Templates

Let's take a look at one of the popular multi-purpose WordPress themes published in July 2015 to add weight to these comments. Released under the impressive name of Monstroid, this theme includes smart features that make it the ideal solution for beginners and professional web developers. Runs on the latest Cherry Framework 4, this theme provides access to all the other smart features in addition to the many premium plugins Monstroid users can get for free. The MotoPress Content Editor is included in the package for quick and easy customization. Includes full integration with WooCommerce, multilingual support, a set of pre-designed product pages, a weekly updated collection of children's themes, free support in dashboards, lifetime updates, and many other great options. One pack.

Standalone WordPress Theme vs. Framework

To make things easier, let's look at how to configure stand-alone WordPress themes and frameworks. As its name suggests, the standalone theme is designed to work with WordPress core technologies. Plug-ins and extensions can be used to extend functionality for the purpose of making plug-ins look unique. Standalone themes are off-the-shelf ready-to-download downloads for the public. Provides access to theme options, many of which can be adjusted. The framework is a parent theme with many sub-themes. Therefore, you must actually install two themes at a time. Typically, these products are easy to use and developed for beginners. Another nice option in the framework is a drag-and-drop content editor (eg Cherry Framework 4 with MotoPress Content Editor support) that does not require coding skills to adjust the layout.

Professional Support

It is important that you access the Technical Support team at all stages of working with the selected theme. Some providers offer 24/7 support via email, chat, or phone. Some will not include technical support in the pack, otherwise they will be available at an additional cost. So, when choosing your site's WordPress theme, be sure to double-check everything carefully.

Detailed documentation

When you have different tastes and when someone wants to get in touch with your customer support team through live chat, some people will better use written documents or step-by-step tutorials to better understand how everything works. If all premium theme developers do not provide free lifetime support, detailed documentation is an integral part of the package. If you find that the theme you are trying to purchase is insufficient, look for a better alternative.

Does the topic respond?

When choosing a theme that will lead your WordPress site to success, this should be # 1 priority. The fact that Web users travel globally from their desktop to their handheld devices is not new. So, why would you choose a template that your site can not be responsive to? We also prefer mobile-friendly websites and place them higher in search results. This not only gives your visitors a more enjoyable browsing experience, but also extends your reach online. Use the Responsive Design Checker if you are not sure whether the theme you're buying is responsive or not. This tool is an online tool that lets you know how good a theme is on various devices and screen sizes.

Is the theme SEO friendly and compatible with Crossbrowser?

Needless to say, your website must be SEO friendly and must run correctly in all browsers. However, some theme providers do not want or simply want to make their products more competitive while improving functionality with these prerequisites. What makes a topic SEO friendly? This is about proper use of niche specific keywords in titles, URLs, meta descriptions, posts, and more. Yoast WordPress SEO and One in One SEO plug-ins can help you greatly improve your site's SEO. Cross-browser compatibility means that all pages will look the same on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer, regardless of the app they use to access site content. How do I make sure my theme is compatible with cross-browser? Use this free online tool. Browser shots create screenshots of web pages from different browsers and operating systems.

Valid coding

Generally, premium products are written with valid code, but there are always exceptions, so always double check. Why is it important to have a well-coded theme? The answer is simple. The time required to solve the problem is the same as the effort required to create everything from scratch. What does code validation mean? Let's compare it with English grammar rules. Having a WordPress template written in accordance with a valid W3C standard is like writing a sentence according to English grammar rules. One or more mistakes can change the senses and make the whole sentence useless. How do I check the validity of a template's code? You can do it online via validator.w3.org for HTML validation and CSS validation.


WordPress is constantly changing and improving just like any other OpenSource platform, so you should keep track of trends and always improve your website. Or you can get a ready-made WordPress template that includes a lifetime update. Nothing in this world is perfect, and even perfectly crafted themes are likely to have minor bugs that need to be modified to work well. Downloading a theme released a year ago and not updating it afterwards is like buying a stinging pig because it's dangerous and inconvenient. So it's a good idea to choose a theme that includes a lifetime update. In other words, you can pay for a product that is always up to date. Bug fixes, new and improved features, and security updates are always delivered to the dashboard.

Social Media Integration

We've already talked a lot about off-the-shelf WordPress plug-ins and extensions that are already playing an important role in improving the look and feel of your site. Therefore, to make sure that WordPress sites do not contain too many plug-ins, select the theme that is already integrated into the social media widgets and post sharing options, so people can use official Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other pages. In principle, premium-themed themes are expected to include social media buttons. But do not miss the opportunity to check again.

Multilingual support

I think one of the biggest purposes of modern business is coming to the international community. For example, I run a blog in English, but I know people who speak German or Italian often search for something new and reach a web page. Because you do not speak English, you are likely to leave without seeing the data you want. To make sure this does not happen, make sure your theme is WPX-ready and that it is the same as Monstroid. Providing your site in two, three, or more languages will improve the overall user experience for visitors who do not speak your language.

Can I easily customize themes?

When buying a theme that is easy to customize and is ready to leave the box, you should actually include those options. So, why pay for a product that you can not adjust yourself? If you are not a professional web developer, the dashboard's revision and intuitive structure are the most important. Changing font, color, logo, header or footer elements, adding and managing images should not be rocket science. How to find out how you can adjust the theme yourself? Read the screenshots and do not forget your testimonial. A fellow buyer will tell you all the truth about the template. And I believe people will not be silent if it's a bad investment.

Is Theme Provider Trustworthy?

As the demand for WordPress themes grows, more and more suppliers are appearing on the market. This tendency has two perspectives. On the one hand, competition is very challenging, so each Web client seeks to capture the hearts and minds of its Web customers with a proposal to make more money. On the other hand, finding a place to sell professional web templates can be difficult. If you are unfamiliar with a trusted company, this detailed overview will help you figure it out.

Looking for a trendy theme?

The trend is coming and going. A few years ago the web was flooded with flash sites and skeuomorphism. Now the situation is somewhat different. Today users are not satisfied with the content being sent to the foreground and not enjoying reading if the web page looks clean and minimalist. By the end of 2015, it is slowly approaching, and in 2016 you will have some new trends in web design fashion. There is still a trend that has been in demand for a long time. This includes.
  • Minimalism
  • Flat style
  • Long page scroll
  • Full-screen photos and videos
  • Try this blog post. It tells you how to create a trendy and competitive site on the modern web.

Are you a theme related to your business?

If you are looking for a niche specific WordPress template, be aware of its functional filling and do not forget about visual presentations. If you are building a business web resource, themes created in medium blue, gray, and white colors will be your best choice. These color schemes do not work when working with entertainment projects. It would be better if you chose a brighter, cheerful palette. In addition to the color scheme, the theme should also include niche specific elements such as real estate listings in the real estate project, online portfolio gallery pages, and hotel reservation forms. In addition, premium WordPress templates will typically have high quality visual content that is intended for a specific business segment so that you can safely use it on free web resources.

Are you a theme related to your business?

I would like to introduce this beautiful and comprehensive infographic that guides you through how to choose the best WordPress templates for your web resources and introduces you to all the facts we covered earlier in this post. In an easy-to-understand way As you can see, making the right choice is not that easy. You always need to do some research and compare offerings from other topic providers. A variety of options should be on the checklist, including valid code, responsiveness, compatibility with the latest web design trends, loaded features and elements. And do not forget to carefully plan and start a search to see if you need a niche market for multipurpose templates. This will narrow your search and find the best template for your WordPress project. What other guidelines do you typically follow when selecting a site template? Do you prefer free product sounds like premiums or more favorable offers? Share your thoughts with us below this post.

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