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How to Become a Competent (Java) Developer 2018 Simple Guide

How to Become a Competent (Java) Developer 2018 simple guide as Over the past few years, the government and society have sought to refresh the "Geek". An understanding of the fundamentals of the Java programming language. It is good to know how to write code. The president and the prime minister recommend that computer programming be part of the school curriculum. Aside from politics, becoming a competent programmer today is more difficult than ever. It is no longer enough to be a shy genius.
How to Become a Competent (Java) Developer 2018

Businesses and organizations want to find people with cognitive skills and improve their skills. It's hard to put numbers because it's very company-dependent, but you can apply the 70/30 rule here. This means that people need to own about 70% of technology and 30% of technology. "Hardcore" developers rarely move to management if they lack the necessary soft skills. I have managed a number of teams in several disciplines and have developed job descriptions and career pathways the way some of the world's largest companies are using. Let's summarize some aspects of patterns that occur when a company recruits or promotes.

Technical ability

Well, this does not have to be a thought. You can get an interview with your technical skills. When hiring a Java developer, companies are looking for a few factors. Foundation, An understanding of the fundamentals of the Java programming language. It is good to know how to write codebut if you know the reasoning behind the code and / or the chosen algorithm, it will stand out in the crowd.

Mainstream programming tool Today, the fact is that you can not be a jack of all trades. You have to choose the tools you will master. This is sometimes determined by the environment in which you are working, but it is recommended that you do the following:

Build tool: Maven or Gradle.

v  Build toolsMaven or Gradle.
v  SCMGit (not GitHub. Big difference).
v  Build automationJenkins.
v  IDENetbeans or Eclipse – not just for writing code, but also code refactoring and debugging from the IDE. I came across plenty of developers who did not how to debug from their favorite IDEs.
v  Bug trackerBugzilla or Jira.

Mainstream programming framework
  1. Spring MVC for Web Development
  2. Knowledge of JSF
  3. Application server

Every Java developer should know how to deploy to Apache Tomcat.
As glassfish development stops, the next best thing is JBoss WildFly.
Cloud development Create a free account on Amazon EC or PaaS.
Another option for Amazon is Red Hat OpenShift.

Cognitive ability

It is good to have a deep knowledge of the Java programming language and a variety of tools, but employers / customers will also appreciate the following: Communication is at the heart of everything we do. We must interact with our environment both personally and professionally. It is not only the ability to bind words together, but also how to communicate the problem we are facing or suggest ways to solve it. The Great Communicator knows how to express himself in front of the various groups. Remember that giving yourself a clear meaning may not be the same in others.

Problems solving

Developers are troubleshooters, philosophers, and thinkers. Do not become a programmer who is not involved in discussing how to write code and troubleshoot problems. You should not be a programmer. "If you tell me what to make, I will make it. Do not ask if it's the best way."

Team player Every developer works as a member of a team, regardless of paired programming or large projects. You must contribute to your team's goals and goals. Helps members who are having difficulties in overcoming obstacles by helping junior members as assistants. Do not have the attitude of "I do my work and go home". Join the team. Being a "team clown" or always going to a team event does not mean you have to make a foolish joke to be a team player.

Self-learning This is a very important skill. The ability to acquire new skills in your own time. Do not always wait until your company provides training. You need to learn new skills and develop in your own field. From front-end development to architectural patterns, there's always something new. Read your blog and articles and start a local meeting. What you learn can open up new heights for your career.

This blog post was not long, but the goal was to customize it to be useful to ambitious developers or even veterans. If you want to have any question Please Leave a comment.. Thanks

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