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how to add a simple payment button to your wordpress site

How to Add a Simple Payment Button to your Wordpress Site

how to add a simple payment button to your wordpress site Working with small business owners and the Rebrand Cities team in Detroit earlier this year, it became clear that entrepreneurs and publishers are looking for a simple way to get credit card and debit card payments on their sites The Happiness Engineering team, our client's guardian, also put a lot of weight on it. We knew we wanted to make the existing process simpler. So we set a design goal that takes 15 minutes per minute. Especially for customers who have never used PayPal before. So a small team of engineers and designers came together to solve the problem for the purpose of releasing "Version 1", which allows customers to understand how to use simple payment buttons. Currently available only to members of the Premium and Business Plan at WordPress.com and members of Jetpack Premium and Professional at all WordPress sites. Here's how. Open a new post and select "Insert Content" and then "Add Payment Button". Fill in the details of the items you sell and add the email address of your PayPal account (money will be sent here), that's it! Now you can pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

Learn more about starting a new simple payment feature for Premium and Business Plans on WordPress.com and Jetpack-based sites. It is easy to think that it is easy to make simple things. But it's never true. Bob Ralian, an engineering leader in Austin, Texas, led a product team that brought this real-time work prototype together in record time. I had the opportunity to work with the engineers to observe the design team, and here is a brief interview on how all the interviews with Bob were done.

JM: Tell me something about yourself, Bob!

BR: I've been building websites and web applications for 20 years, and I've been with Automattic for four years. Engineering, team management, and project management. I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, three children, and two dogs.

JM: How do engineers think about the designer's thoughts?

BR: As an engineer, I usually think about what I have and what I know. I can work in one system and change into new ones with different pieces. Replace with duct tape, floss and rubber bands. Or you can look at the process and think about how you can make it better. But the designers knew they could make something completely new. They are not completely blackmailed with empty slate. It is super strong I admire greatly!

JM: They look very similar!

  • BR: I think we are motivated to do the same thing. We want to make a day that people like and appreciate. In fact, we are happy if the user is happy and enjoying what we are making.

  • JM: There was a rare plan for this little button. Started with a group of designers in Detroit and then packed into a variety of concept sketches and small movies. Is everything really working before? Then how?

  • BR: I spent a lot of time learning what I needed on my website, especially with my small business owners. We have learned that many people want a simple way to pay. So we use this as our basic principle, making it as simple as possible for these business owners to add payment buttons to the site.

JM: What is "MVLP"? I heard that designers use the term with engineers.

BR: MVLP means "the least lovely product possible." In other words, you want to build smaller, simpler features and release them earlier than it takes a long time to create complex products behind curtains. We are ready to meet real user needs and what we can feel proud of - is what we can love. It then tells the customer what they want next and how to improve it. Because of this, we focus on building to meet the needs of real users.

BR: To me it's all the same. Composing songs, writing blogs, creating new features, or creating something with my own hands. I really just like the "making things" process. It is the act of love that brings new things into the world. It is an act of vulnerability and generosity. "We have done our best and hope that our lives can get a little better.

How to Add a Simple Payment Button to your Wordpress Site

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