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Top Best Ways Google Ad Extensions can Improve your Adwords Campaigns

Improve your Adwords Campaign

Top Best Ways Google Ad Extensions can Improve your Adwords Campaign The Google AdWords extension is a great way to create ads that are different from your competitors in the crowded online marketplace. They can add an edge to every campaign so you can separate the best online performers from ordinary people.

What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are additional information that expands your ads to make them more useful to users. Ad extensions typically include phone numbers, additional links on your website, and seller reviews. You should choose an ad extension that will help your ad campaign better meet your business goals. In general, there is no additional cost for using the ad extensions option. Some ad extensions are automated, so AdWords automatically adds extension information to your ads. This includes click-to-call and auto-call and sitelink extensions. Improve your Adwords Campaign Other ad extensions are personal, so you can customize your ads based on your preferences. A complete list of extension types can be found here. There are Some ideas you can use to develop ad extensions that can not be ignored.

Additional sitelinks information

A Google Adwords sitelink is an additional link to your ad that leads potential customers to a specific page on your website. In this example, you can see Boots, an online retailer, running sitelinks for specific products. These sitelinks can be seasonal, shopping trends, or feature specific promotions. With sitelink extensions, you can: Learn more about customer preferences by measuring the number of clicks to a specific sitelink page on your website. Improve your Adwords Campaign You can run seasonal campaigns more easily by running certain short-term campaigns on your site's deep pages. Create a special sitelink for mobile users

Extension Text

With callouts, you can add descriptive text to standard text ads. On the Google Search Network, you can include specific attributes for your business, products, and services that will appear below your ads. The difference is that it looks like a sitelink but you can not click it. It's best to think of additional elements such as additional bullets and additional pieces of information that will help guide searchers. In the example below, ASDA includes a 100-day warranty - free clicks and collection - next-day delivery, which is a phone extension to quality and delivery speed. Four Reasons to Use Callouts: It is easy to implement and displays in plain text and does not require links to secondary pages. Improve your Adwords Campaign Leverage additional ad space within Google search results. They will promote the details about your business. It's like a popular service or a unique product. Can be used at no additional cost. The callout increases flexibility by allowing you to change the entire account without having to edit each ad text separately.

Click to expand text

When targeting mobile audiences, click-to-text extensions provide a fast and effective way for your customers to get in touch with you intuitively. You'll see a "Send text" message in your AdWords campaign. Click to expand: This is a very good lead generation click that users interact actively with the ad. For some groups of users, it is even more desirable to send a text message when making a call or making a different type of inquiry. Improve your Adwords Campaign Self-investigation has increased the clickthrough rate (CTR) of mobile users.

Call extensions

Google Adwords Call Extensions provide a convenient way for customers to call your business directly from search results. You can, of course, combine with other extensions like call forwarding and location extensions to increase your effectiveness. In this example, for a car dealer, your phone number will appear on your desktop computer as follows: On mobile devices, users can see different layouts. The benefits of call extensions are very simple. Improve your Adwords Campaign If your business is worthy of a phone call, drive the right type of conversion. Reports detailing the number of calls driven by your campaigns can help you better evaluate your ROI. You can schedule call extensions to appear at specific times to best accommodate your business processes.

Review Additional Information

Ads that show details about gold stars or other ratings show often. Including reviews can increase campaign performance, while Google reporting customers include review extensions to increase clickthrough rate by 19%.

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