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Can You Still Make Money With AdSense

Can You Still Make Money With AdSense

Can You Still Make Money With AdSense AdSense is probably the most common way to make money online, but is it the way you actually use it? Can I make money with AdSense? Can I make a living in AdSense We want to provide honest answers based on your experience as an AdSense publisher, but we'll also share examples of successful websites using AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

Most Internet users will probably know about Google AdSense, but the latest information for beginners is a quick overview of the program and key benefits It's Google's major revenue source. In 2015, AdSense revenue is $ 15 billion, or about 23% of Google's revenue (updated in December 2016) It's free for publishers Advertisers use the AdWords program to advertise their products or services on the AdSense website. Pay when someone clicks on your ad (PPC - pay-per-click Publishers earn 68% of revenue and Google earns 32%. For example, if an advertiser pays $ 1 per click, 68 cents will be delivered to the publisher, and 32 cents will be delivered to Google.

Cost-per-click calculations are based on auction-type systems.

Still Make Money with AdSense It is currently the most trusted advertising platform on the Internet and is the most profitable for publishers compared to other similar PPC systems In addition to content websites, AdSense is also available for games, videos, mobile phones, and search products What do I need to make money with AdSense As a result, AdSense is free, easy to use, and earns 68% of your revenue. What else do I need to make money with AdSense?

I need a website that is rich in content.

AdSense is a favorite with content-rich websites. It may be content that does not violate the AdSense Content Policy (including text, images, and videos We recommend that you publish textual content on your pages so that the AdSense crawler understands the content of your website AdSense is better suited for websites that publish articles, case studies, usage instructions (such as this article), but there are some success stories for other types of websites.

You need a high quality website.

While posting content that is not in violation of our content policies is not enough, you should provide high-quality content to high-quality websites We do not want to place ads on low-quality websites because we have a duty to give advertisers money. In the past, this was possible, but in the last few years we've applied stricter policies to the types of websites that can run AdSense.

Many traffic is required.

Still Make Money with AdSense AdSense is a great way to make money online, and it's probably easiest to get good traffic when you visit your website We can not tell you the exact amount because the amount can vary depending on your cost-per-click (EPC) and clickthrough rate (CTR), but we typically give your customers 300-400 unique visits a day In general, the more targeted your ads are, the more you can earn with AdSense.

You must target the appropriate keywords.

By targeting the right keywords for your content, you can earn more through AdSense or other advertising platforms What is the right keyword? The following keywords advertisers use it to promote their products, so competition is high and revenue per click (EPC) increases. Action Keywords - Action keywords are more effective because users are more likely to "take action," or click-through conversions.

Let's look at the following example.

Suppose you have two websites in a weight-loss niche that runs AdSense. Both websites receive the same amount of organic traffic and show ads in the same location The first is to get visitors to search for keywords such as 'weight loss tips', 'weight loss methods', 'do not like navel', and the other is 'why is drinking water important', 'what to eat' ',' How many meals will I eat per day The first website tends to make more money with AdSense. That's because more advertisers are interested in these keywords, so they'll be getting more ads. Users are more likely to click on your ad more often because they are more likely to click on relevant ads than users searching for general information This is why organic traffic is considered more valuable than any other form of traffic.

AdSense policies must be strictly followed.

Still Make Money with AdSense As I said above, AdSense accounts for one-quarter of Google's revenue, so the whole program is very important. It's relatively easy for everyone to get an AdSense account, but you risk losing your account if you do not comply 100%. Even if you are an existing or new AdSense publisher, you should still read the policy before implementing AdSense on your website. Remember that you have removed the idea of tricking the system out of your mind and always hired the best people so that no one can circumvent your rules and policies.

You need a website with a purpose other than the MFA (for AdSense) website.

While AdSense is the best way to monetize your website, websites created solely for the purpose of displaying AdSense ads are not beneficial to Google. I mentioned this in my previous post. The five reasons you do not make money online and the important thing to understand is that you need more than just monetizing your website or blog with AdSense. Yes, you can use AdSense to monetize existing blogs with high traffic and high visitor numbers. While you can sell your products and services and use AdSense to make money on your website, it's not a good idea to create blogs and publish mundane content to get a natural visit and run AdSense. Earn money. In the past, this model worked, but it did not work anymore.

Examples of websites that make money with AdSense

As you read through the examples, I try to understand how to link these websites to the websites described above and actually apply all the instructions Example 1: Digital Photography School DPS is owned by Darren Rowse, Australia's pro-blogger. Darren was one of the first people to start an online life. AdSense has played a very important role in the beginning, especially as your story and income have grown. Let's see how AdSense works with DPS He uses up to three ads per page. One of the ads is a "non-scrolling portion" and the other two are visible in the main content area, not the sidebar (the information below is very important).

Example Sparkman

Still Make Money with AdSense Spark people is a community-based website for healthy living. According to Alexa, we create over 1,000,000 pageviews per day and use AdSense with our own products and services As you can see in the screenshot above, the user is using the non-scrolling portion and the three AdSense units below, but all three are in the main content area, but not the sidebar.

Example Calorie Secrets

I also use Adsense on calenseecrets.net. Instead of charging for the products we offer (calorie counter, food tracker, diet plan), we decided to use the product for free and monetize it with AdSense I use three AdSense ads per page. I use one part without scroll and two below Do all the above websites have something in common Can you tell what they have in common after seeing the example above?

They are content-rich websites that provide rich content.

They have a lot of traffic (CalorieSecrets does not get the same number of visits as DPS or SparkPeople, but 500,000 natural visits per month are enough to make money with AdSense). They are fully compliant with AdSense policies. Fully complies with our webmaster guidelines. There are ads on the non-scrolling portion of the page, but they do not interfere with or damage your experience. They all have ads in main content, not sidebars. The reason is simple. Note that the clickthrough rate (CTR) of the content area is greater than the menu, so you earn more clicks - more money from AdSense They all offer other services / products and are not operated solely for the purpose of AdSense.

Can I live with AdSense?

Still Make Money with AdSense Can I still make a living if I explain more than I need to make money with AdSense? In other words, can I be 100% dependent on AdSense for all my spend My answer is no. That's because AdSense can not make a good living without earning thousands of dollars a month, but it can not rely on a single source of income. The online world is more dynamic than the offline world, and you can not always assume that thousands of people visit your website and click on your ads, and you can not assume that AdSense is forever. Maybe it will, but you can not determine your income with it. Risk spreading and profit spreading is always the best way to get online or offline.


AdSense is probably the easiest, most reliable, and best way to make money online. If your website meets the criteria outlined above, you can increase your monthly revenue by leveraging your content and online time in the best possible way On the other hand, if you want to escape from 09: 00-05: 00 and live online, you should not rely solely on AdSense See all the examples you want people working online. Everyone agrees that AdSense is great but there must also be other income sources as well.

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