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Top Best Ways to Text Advertising Program for Blogger
Top Best Ways to Text Advertising Program for Blogger 2018

Best in Text Advertising Program for Blogger When you become a vi blogger, we should not be limited to one method of monetization. If you've seen how we makes money, you will use many other ways to make money on our site with AdSense. Today, we will learn about text ads and will share the best text ad networks you can join. It's a banner, affiliate, or text ad, as well as a few tips and tricks for getting through your ad. For in-text ads, I prefer to blend them appropriately with the blog layout to create a profitable way to earn a good sum. Also, since the intext ad uses Javascript, the presence of the ad will not hurt your site's SEO.

One of the most common questions people ask is: We've been using Infolinks for years on me on YouTube, and we've had no problems with AdSense for text ads. In other words, you can have text ads with Google AdSense. There are many options for ln text ads, but we do not suggest hitting and evaluating ln text ads. You can find some choices provided by good advertisers such as InfoLinks covered in my previous post about alternatives to Google Adsense.

Popular text advertising programs

We'll start with one of the most popular and popular networks on Blogger. Infolinks are easy to start and implement networks. You can control your ads on the Infolinks dashboard and provide a payout of at least $ 50. Inflinks also provides additional tagging capabilities to increase your revenue. Overall, you can recommend this network after using Infolinks for almost two years. Payments will be made through PayPal.


Viglink works on other models and, unlike other text ad networks, converts normal links into affiliate links. With Viglink, you can earn more revenue from affiliate commissions without spending a few cents / click. Viglink is partnered with many existing affiliate networks and converts your regular links into affiliate links. Do not worry about SEO. There is no difference in SEO. Advertising Program for Bloggers  Example: If you are writing about an App Store product and you are not an Apple affiliate, Viglink will convert your link to aff. You'll receive a commission when you click the link and your reader buys the app. I used this network from ShoutMeTech and it was great. I strongly urge technical bloggers to give that opportunity.


Vigorous is a popular advertiser with more than 6,000 partners, so your opportunities for relevant ads will automatically increase. I used lively things and I was quite happy with it. Vivid ads can be easily combined with your blog content to get more clicks.


After all, your earnings depend on your blog's demographics. For example, traffic in countries like the United States always pays more than traffic in Asian countries. So, my advice is to choose a better conversion network for your blog demographics. Advertising Program for Bloggers  I used Infolinks, Viglink, Kontera listed above on my blog and got good results. You can check and apply for other network service terms and see what services are working.

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