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Why You Should Not Use Fiverr in 2018

Why You Should Not Use Fiverr

Why You Should Not Use Fiverr All fiverr users have posts here. FiverrFiverr may be hopeless because there was a reason to not use it in 2016. Because Fiverr is one of today's popular websites, many people are used to publishing performances and services. At the end of the show, individuals can withdraw from PayPal for $ 5. However, many people are facing problems with Fiverr and are stressing many of the disadvantages on a daily basis. Here are some of the main reasons you should stop using Fiverr in 2016.
  • Why in 2016 the fiverr

The profits generated by Fiverr come from commissions that ordinary people have to pay for their earnings. They are generally completely unfair to 20 percent of the total income earned by a person. This may not be because PayPal may charge you a fee once your earnings have been disconnected by Fiverr, so you may not have enough money to withdraw. Also, if you want to clear up the 14-day security clearance period, which can be very inconvenient if you need fast cash, you can only withdraw money from PayPal.
  • High spam rate

Fiverr is usually full of scammers, cheaters and spammers. There are many shows and services that provide thousands of dollars with LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers and Facebook fans, but these suggestions are not very unreasonable. They may also require an illegal method of completing tasks that could harm a person's reputation. Many people have fake accounts for Fiverr, which is unfair to real users.
  • High visibility of individuals

When people make their accounts for Fiverr for the first time, you'll be amazed at what you can do for only $ 5, and hope to make hundreds of dollars at the end of the month. So you have to remember the amount that people will pay $ 5 and keep your expectations and beliefs at the correct level. compete If you search for performances quickly, you may see hundreds of results at the same time. Most of these tasks are mostly illegal, irresponsible, and rarely experienced. Although the buyer has the option to filter the search and sort services according to demand, desire, speed and popularity, the default setting is still automatic. This can be difficult to find the performances you have chosen. Many people are doing the same thing that is very confusing and challenging to buyers and reducing the sales of real users.
  • I have no opinion.

Illegal fake feedback can ruin the reputation of others. This is the same as Fiverr and one bad reaction is enough to ruin your character. This reduces the likelihood of receiving more service points and may be placed on the bottom search engine of this web page.

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