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Which is best Freelancer Elance or oDesk

Which is Best Freelancer Elance or ODesk

Which is Best Freelancer Elance or ODesk Online global outsourcing is experiencing rapid growth, accounting for 40% of industry growth. The biggest platforms for this purpose are Freelancer, Elance and oDesk. They provide excellent services and jobs for all customers and freelancers. It's pretty hard to decide whether something is good or not. Let's first look at what actually exists and how to help people earn money by working hard.


Freelancer is known as the world's largest market for all small businesses. Provide freelance, outsourcing and crowd sourcing for over 10 million users. It offers a tremendous amount of work to freelancers around the world and can be hired at a fixed cost. All tasks can be handled in one place. Web designers, content creators and PHP developers can outsource their services within minutes. There are several opportunities for logo designers, SEO specialists, data entry and programming, website design, Internet marketers, publishers, consulting, developers, copywriting and more. It has a freelancer for anything you can think of. Freelancer accelerates business by providing the right services and freelancers. It takes care of your business.


Elance is an online marketplace where you can post jobs, search for freelancers, and ask for suggestions. It has over 2 million registered professionals and about 500,000 users. After evaluation, choosing a contractor enables communication and file exchange via the Elance system. Dealing with payments is a task on the Elance system that is performed hourly or on a project-by-project basis. Freelancers find jobs and customers on the Elance website. Each freelancer has a separate profile that can display past experience, feedback, portfolio management, skills and background. Once the job is completed, you will be paid. Mobile and web programming, development, graphic design, article creation and many other tasks.

Oh sketch

odesk is a short version of the 'online desk'. A global employment marketplace that works with a variety of tools to hire and manage teleworkers. This allows customers to create online work teams and earn revenue from their company's software and Web sites. It allows clients to post their work and freelancers to create profiles and bid on their work. All of this is free. It is an online workplace with more than 2.7 million freelancers and 54 million customers worldwide. oDesk supports specialized areas such as web development, programming and software development skills, writing, administrative support and graphic design.

Which is the best?

Freelancers offer the most freelance jobs, but pay the least amount of money. oDesk is highly developed, well maintained, and has great navigation capabilities. According to cumulative freelance earnings, odesk workers earn $ 920 million, Elance users earn $ 739, and freelancers earn $ 150 million. So we can not really tell which is best. It is up to you to choose what you choose. All three are best in their own way. The last call is entirely yours.

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