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Ways How Brazil Is Generating Revenue by Hosting FIFA Online

Ways How Brazil Is Generating Revenue by Hosting FIFA

Ways How Brazil Is Generating Revenue by Hosting FIFA Why do you want to host a mega-event like FIFA 2014, where countries like Brazil actually have significant GDP in tourism and business? We wanted to provide transparent reports to help valued readers meet the urge to explore the truth. Here are five obvious ways to make money by hosting FIFA 2014 in Brazil.

Ticket costs

Tickets are provided to audiences during Brazilian Real ad exchange for international customers in USD. The opening match costs up to $ 500 and the group match is $ 175. Since the Opening Day includes the opening ceremony of FIFA, the premium is added to the total cost of the ticket, which is much more expensive than the group ticket.


Tourists in Brazil are expected to spend about $ 25 billion on the entire tournament, as they have moved up to a completely new level in FIFA 2014 and are likely to attract about 600,000 foreigners and 3 million Brazilian travelers this year. country. This will not only lead to improvements in the country's infrastructure, but it will also increase Brazil's overseas exposure due to a significant increase in the number of overseas visitors in Brazil.

Visitor table

Most of the revenue generated by FIFA 2014 is based on 3.7 million domestic and international visitors and tickets, and this ticket will participate in the festival there. The net impact of this tournament is very positive for the Brazilian economy, and the revenue generated is estimated to be about 11 billion.


With FIFA 2014 expected to reach 600,000 domestic and international tourists, the boom in the hotel industry has increased significantly, and room rates in Brazil hotels have increased five to ten times over the course of the tournament. People are eager to book rooms anyway and Brazil is a way to make money.


Expected tourists will spend about $ 12 billion to increase the country 's total GDP by about 0.5%, which is about $ 2353 million, which gives tremendous support to the Brazilian economy.

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