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Some Reasons Why Dubai Is No More A Money Making State

Reasons Why Dubai Is No More A Money Making State

Reasons Why Dubai Is No More A Money Making State The day job seekers all over the world dreamed of a job in Dubai passed by. Undoubtedly, there was a time when Dubai was considered a hub of UAE's economic growth and finance. It facilitated any other country and did not provide many employment opportunities with a friendly working environment. Investors from around the world wanted to invest in Dubai in a short time with improved development and quality of life. It was known as a gem for the industrial, corporate and real estate markets of the world. Such a developed and progressive state was used by people to devote themselves to daydreaming, but there was nowhere in Dubai.

The foundation of this strong and well-developed emirate, which was supposed to remain unshaken in the long run, has been drastically reduced and devastated. This should not be taken as a complete disappointment, but yes, Dubai is a city that does not make any more money. There are 10 reasons we list reasons for this cause.

Economic Crisis 2009

Virginia Dubai proposed to postpone debt repayment, which served to delay the payment of $ 59 billion in debt in Dubai for six months. Economists suggest that the 2009 debt crisis is the result of a real estate bubble burst. It has become one of the reasons why Dubai's economy is attracted to hot water. In early 2009, when the global economic crisis hurt property value, construction and employment, the situation deteriorated.

Downgrade Impact of the Moratorium

November 25, 2009 The official moratorium declaration plays an important role in shaking up the Dubai economy. The impact of the moratorium has been severely impacted by the decline in the Asian market, where the European market began to decline out of control, leading to a decline in market share in key global markets. Dubai is still recovering and is trying to regain its initial status.

Economic Crisis in 2013

During the recovery period, Dubai had to face complexity due to the economic crisis of 2009. Dubai has been steadily lending steadily, but in 2013, the economy is again based on debt and the economy becomes unstable and because of the loan. This played a big role in bringing Dubai out of the city, which does not make money.

Over population

Dubai is an exciting emirate and exciting emirate to people all over the world, making it difficult for a stable economy to keep up. In the early days of the fast-growing Dubai market, people invested here and made every effort to get their place in Dubai. It was too crowded that the opportunity to make money was reduced.

Lack of foreign investment

After the economic crisis in 2009, there was a big gap between foreign investment and the Dubai market. Since plunging in 2009, foreign investors have stopped investing in Dubai because there was no such thing as risk taking in this area. We are still in the process of recovery and hope to be once more stable to attract foreign investors.

Lack of residential facilities

The value of real estate, construction and real estate fell after the crisis of 2009, resulting in a shortage of housing and accommodation. Young people are afraid to come to Dubai because they have to be careful to get good accommodation that they can trust.

The fall of real estate marketing

Dubai's economy was supposed to be based on real estate sales. This fact is known to all over the world. The crisis of 2009 and 2013 caused the real estate market in Dubai to fail significantly.

Political unrest

The current political satire is one of the reasons why Dubai has lost its status as a money making country. The war on terror has generally affected the global economy and especially Dubai.

Depletion of the petroleum industry

The economy of the UAE is based on the oil industry and it is a general idea that the economy is growing as much as it produces oil. This is void for Dubai. Dubai's oil reserves have declined significantly and are expected to run out of reserves within the next 20 years.

Excessive and mixed crowd

Several people from around the world came to Dubai to speak in different languages and follow other religions. For this reason, it is best not to have a large number of people go to Dubai to make money.

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