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Sell your services with Zjobs and make money very easy

Sell Your Services With Zjobs and Make Money

Sell your services with Zjobs and make money Selling a service online can be another great way to make money. Making money in a fast moving world is not an easy task. You need to work a little harder than the rest to make a good place for you. I can not work like everyone else. It must be really unique and something different. So you have to figure out what Zjobs has to offer and how you can sell the service!

What is Zjobs

Zjobs is an online service provider. Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Technology, Marketing, Social, Animation, Video, Writing, Translation and Loading. All these services are provided at $ 1. Because you get less money, you can sell smaller services that take less time.

Create an account

You must join Zjobs to sell the service. Enter the world to make money by entering basic information. Project verification Zjobs includes a variety of projects. Buyers post their projects in the projects section and provide all the details about what they want. It depends on whether you like the job or not. You can choose which projects to sell and who to sell your services to.

Select service

When you receive the service, please describe it in detail. Just do not get caught up in the money making project. Choose the services you offer because your customers want perfection. They will not pay to teach you how to work.

Select a date range

You must decide when and how long before you sell the service. Do not get confused and misunderstood. Set everything in advance. Once you have decided on a specific deadline, stick to it. There is little chance of changing the deadline.


The buyer has already set the price of the service that they want to purchase. Therefore, there are fewer options to increase or decrease. Payment must be accepted. Alternatively, you can choose to provide only those services that meet the desired payment amount.

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