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Richest YouTubers Who Make Money by Sharing Videos Online Work

Richest YouTubers Who Make Money by Sharing Videos

Richest YouTubers Who Make Money by Sharing Videos YouTube is a great place to make big money by sharing videos on the best video sharing platform. We shared a lot of feedback on how to monetize online on YouTube. Here are 15 rich YouTubers who make money by sharing videos again Look.


Net assets: $ 6.7 million
Channel Views: Billion

It was the first channel in the UK and the first billion views in the UK YouTube channel history. Consisting primarily of video game videos with more than 5 million viewers worldwide, this program is one of the most popular channels in the audience list.


Net assets: $ 6.1 million
Channel views: 870 million
He is a Swedish action video game critic and is one of the best in his field. Recently, in August his channel earned more subscriptions compared to other channels.


Net assets: $ 5.7 million
Channel views: 818 million
Since its founding, they have laughed smiles on people's faces. In January 2013, there were many subscriptions on the channel. Currently they are expanding their specialization in relation to the topic of the video.


Net assets: $ 4.3 million
Channel views: 630 million
She is an American comedian, and now two dogs live a luxurious life. We are currently in the top 5 of the top 10 YouTube channels, with 10.5 million subscribers.


Net assets: $ 4.2 million
Channel view count: 2.4 billion

Toby Turner is his name and also known as Tobuscus. He plays various roles on the stage. He is a musician, a comedian, and an internet person. He has a total of 1,118,000 subscribers and has over 2.4 billion views on three YouTube channels.


Net assets: $ 4 million
Channel views: 590 million
I have been in Oklahoma City since I was a high school student and have been on the YouTube business. He majored in history and currently has over 10 million subscribers and 2.4 billion videos on his YouTube channel.


Net assets: $ 3.5 million
Channel views: 520 million
He is often a youtuber who plays games. Now enjoy the fan war between PewDiePie and his fans. His real name is James Wilson.


Net assets: $ 3.4 million
Channel views: 477 million
As two agents work, Mac and cheese investigate every murder that happens in the kitchen. The channel is the most subscribed and the 30th most viewed channel. The story began with other orange fruits and vegetables annoyed by breaking silly jokes. After the show was successful, there are now more toys and games than a series of characters.


Net assets: $ 3.3 million
Channel views: 470 million
All videos are based on studio-based scripts and shooting scenes. YouTube users, with millions of teen and teen subscribers, are now an important part of the well-known YouTube channel.


Net assets: $ 3.2 million
Channel views: 470 million
Jordan Maron, he clicked YouTube with parody video and PSY music in the background. We soon saw CaptainSparklez again because the video became viral and the number of views increased in a week.


Net assets: $ 2.4 million
Channel Views: 341 million
A unique YouTube channel with videos that uniquely combine music, history, and some messages.


Net assets: $ 2.3 million
Channel views: 335 million
He is a member of the Japanese family in the United States. We started studying American movies at UNLV, but soon we have posted some unique videos on YouTube that have become a major hit on YouTube.

Voice Avenue

Net assets: $ 2.3 million
Channel views: 320 million
Boyce Avenue shares success stories with popular song lyrics and captures pictures of classical songs. Boyce collaborated with other YouTube artists who saw a significant increase in subscriptions and ratings.

Adam Thomas Moran

Net assets: $ 2.2 million
Channel views: 510 million
Anyone who wins or loses in any match AdamThomasMoran will deal with the story. Channels have more than 3 million subscribers and are mostly funny to handle stories, so if you get bored in your channel, it's easy to laugh and enjoy.


Net assets: $ 2 million
Channel Views: Billion
Here the brother tells a funny story. They set up a billion records in August 2013. These brothers are popular in the React video series. They have been producing, producing, directing and directing the spoiler series since 2004.

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