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Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Theme Forest Online

Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Theme Forest

Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Theme Forest Web developers, bloggers, IT operators, and other online marketing professionals all need to know about themed forests, a service center provided by Envato, one of the biggest names in the online marketplace. If you are a developer, you can easily determine what is insane and what is not, along with the theme forests. Various Word Press themes provide the best online marketplace for IT professionals and amateurs, but there are some flaws and errors. According to the report, Alex King suggested that selling Word Press products at the Envato marketplace is crazy. The criteria that a theme forest does not have in selling or buying digital products can be broad and can vary depending on the developer's personal experience. However, a general overview of the flaws and flaws reported by developers includes the following reasons that prevent new investors or sellers from using theme forests.

Problems with PSD storage

When you need to conserve storage so that you can run programs easily without interrupting program storage at any time, the theme forest provides a built-in theme or PSD, which is a stupid way to lose some MB storage. As a result, a developer who wants to store a repository may seem crazy and the process of creating other folders that are not included in the theme will be cursed.

CSS related issues

What developers and web designers want is to load CSS and work fluently. But if you chose Theme Forest for development, you probably will not have peace. First, it takes a lot of time to load CSS without having to use many important programs. If you are knowledgeable about PHP programming, you should be able to open your way through it and load your own style. Repetitive use of important statements is not apparent or technically good. It has been described as bad habits by professionals. unfortunately! Theme forest is another reason to avoid the theme forest by using this sentence 94 times in a single CSS file.

Payment Options

The basic way to get paid through theme forests is usually Moneybookers and PayPal. These are the two ways that are also available on the Official Website of Theme's Terms of Use. However, there are many complaints and misunderstandings by users, as well as buyers or sellers, through reports and reviews of the payment process through theme forests. It has been reported that the account is in a steak and can be frozen at any time for no reason. Also, there is no recovery option and you have to face the problem for each transaction you create.

No filter options

One of the important features developers look for when choosing a theme provider is that they provide an option for other users to modify or change the output of their artwork. This is one of the amazing features of Word Press made possible with the help of filters. However, users in the Theme Forest may not recognize this feature because they do not have filters. If you use themes in the theme of the forest market, you can not make output dynamic. This is a significant inconvenience and damages the reputation of the envato online marketplace.

Adding undefined or raster files

The theme premiums are not good for providing icon fonts, which is a very important and important feature of Word Press. This is a difficult task, such as changing the appearance of uploaded icons. You must reload the icon after changing the size or color according to your requirements to do so. This is very difficult to handle until you have Photoshop, which assumes that everyone can use the theme forest, because it makes up a raster file of every asset you create. Adding an icon font makes it easy to change the color, size, and format without including additional programs.

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