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Most Popular Businesses in Singapore in 2018

Most Popular Businesses in Singapore

Singapore offers a good market to welcome new businesses despite their geographic importance. Singapore is a great place to start your business in 2014 with a relatively small investment. Here are some of the top 10 most popular businesses in Singapore in 2018.

Online Business

One of the best companies you can start is ecommerce is the most famous online business. You can make a lot of money by having your own site in addition to buying and selling products online.

Pet business

Singapore has one of the most profitable businesses you can have in 2018, as many people own pets that are in desperate need of care and maintenance.

Travel business

When talking about your travel business, each year due to the beauty of nature and the amount of travelers, you can start your travel agency and guide you in creating your own environment with airlines and caterers.


Tourists are one of Singapore's biggest contributors to this excess economy these days. Because it is full of natural flora, fauna and historical attractions, the beauty of his place will please tourists. Part of Singapore tourism therefore opens up many opportunities because its range is expected to grow.


Singapore's tourism and travel industry has made great strides in the hotel industry and can include small bars and caf├ęs and huge multinational hotels and resorts.

Information Technology Business

There are many IT companies that started their business in Singapore, and this is now one of the most promising businesses to enter in 2014.


It is one of the fastest-growing industries in Singapore and has attracted a lot of foreign attention now. R & D facilities and technology work together harmoniously to support business development of this infrastructure.

Communication business

Singapore is one of South Asia's premier telecom hubs and is currently playing an indispensable role in dealing with mobile phones as well as Internet service providers.

Fashion Retail Business

Singapore has a great fashion sense. So this industry is a trend every day, so people here can catch up with trendy ideas and clothes.


This is one of the busiest industries in Singapore in 2018 and offers great opportunities for business and entrepreneurs in Singapore. Many courses are highly petitioned because of the quality of education provided here.

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