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Make Millions by Writing an e book and Posting on Kindle

Make Millions by Writing an E Book And Posting

Make Millions by Writing an e book and Posting You would have written a lot of gruesome killings by a brutal forensic artist with perfect pitch, cruel and adventurous twisted whirls, and harmony with the perfect jewels of mystery. Positive remarks will lose confidence when you fly in the air and then rejected when JK Rowling, positive evaluation is over when you get a reply. "You are disappointed, I'm sorry, but you can not risk a naive writer with a new story, not a penny during the night of sleepless nights, but according to the research we've done so far, you can write an ebook and post it on the Kindle You can earn millions.

Here are some possible solutions for selling books:

All you need is a book to read to people. And the Kindle is the best place for you, the opportunity to download and upload multiple titles, and the opportunity to sell what looks like an unparalleled novel. You do not need a Kindle device to access more than 65,000 titles. You can download the app for free and read it on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC. The emergence of electronic publishing has opened up new opportunities for writers who thought that their dream of publishing books would not be realized.

How do I earn millions?

The Kindle gives you the opportunity to open and read the book to the public, but it is not easy. There are over 700,000 electronic publications worldwide. Simply put your work online instead of publishing a terrible book, a misplaced format, a misplaced book, or a massive book full of mistakes. To be honest, most of those writers are wasting too much time. No matter how cheaply you write a book, you will not sell it. So here are some jumps to get you started smart and make millions of dollars through reading. Jack Higgins did not succeed until the 36th. The Eagle Has Landed

Think about the genre.

Do not write or write about ideas. Crime thriller, mystery, supernatural romance and fantasy seem to work more on the Kindle.

Consider the length of the novel.

Saffi Griffiths and Mark Williams sold 100,000 copies in less than a year and Mark Edwards and Louise Voss recently read 90,000 electronic books and prefer short, fast reading. According to them, 25,000 words are so long that people often lose interest in the meantime. So it's a good idea to write fascinating short stories.

Novel cover picture

Good cover is one of the most important secrets. A prominent image of the browser that needs to define the contents of the book. If you are planning big money, do not design your own cover.

fascinating description writing before uploading

It is an opportunity to sell books, so if you read enough of 30-4000 characters, you may be tempted. Explore the words you can use to distribute eBooks to Sony Reader stores Apple iBookstore and Diesel eBook store. You may want to elaborate on the first few of the conspiracy, word warnings, and paragraphs without revealing the secrets to lure readers to the story.

correct price

When you are not known to people, your goal is to find the reader, not to make money, so the reader can have more opportunities if the book is cheaper.

Brand Promotion and Production

If you are naive to the world, it is most important to let them know that you have written something. You may have the best books in the world, but if you can not find a way to get it in front of your audience, the others are not important. So it takes about 24 hours to sell your books as soon as you save and visit. Until then, you can promote on social networking sites like Facebook, Elance, and Twitter and define layers of people you know will love your books. Create blogs and websites to attract readers.

Opportunity to be Rich

You have a great price booklet, you can price it, take pictures and promote it in every possible way. So what are the opportunities to become millionaires? Amanda Hocking, a great young adult supernatural romance writer, sold and wrote more than a million copies. $ 2.99, so she would have earned a million dollars already. You can give it a chance!

Why did you choose Kindle?

According to the survey, Kindle readers bought 3.3 times the number of books sold elsewhere. Plus, you can set good royalties prices, access content through apps, and have a lot of readers. I assume that someone here will eventually do so.

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