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All Interesting Facts about Jackie Chan

Interesting Facts About Jackie Chan

Interesting Facts About Jackie Chan All the celebrities on the way of life are loved and loved. There is no one unless you admire or imitate one of them. Except for all famous and wealthy celebrities, the best-known action star is Jackie Chan et al. Jackie Chan is always a favorite movie for all action movie lovers. He likes to film based on his humor and physical clowns. He is one of the actors who likes to do his tricks. We'll let you know what's interesting about Jackie Chan so you can better understand it.


Jackie Chan is a number of big names associated with him. He is an actor, producer director, comedian, singer, choreographer, screenwriter, acrobat actor and businessman from Hon Kong. He was born on April 7, 1954 in Chan Kong-sang. Jackie Chan is the perfect brand mentioned in many cartoons, video games and pop songs. He is famous for his acrobatic combat style and innovative stunts. He is part of a rare actor who performs all of his stunts. He is a trained vocalist and he is part of many film themes of the movie. As for Jackie Chan, he says:

I did not want to be next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.
His stunt

Jackie Chan Stunt

Jackie Chan is one of the few artists who are not afraid to live their lives. By the date, he performed all his stunts. He has a team called Jackie Chan stunt team who deals with the chant of the stunt. Jackie Chan set the Guinness World Record on "The Most Acrobatic of Live Actors". He is very special about his work and chooses perfection. As he filmed, he rerouted 2900 times at a time to show his dedication and advice on perfection. He says:

I do not want to be an action star. Action star's life is too short. I want to make my life longer. I want my career to be longer. Trademark of Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan trademark

He always wants to do all the stunts alone.
He likes to give his thumb.
He always serves as a good guru in Hong Kong's Rumble.
He uses all props available in battle scenes such as ladders, lamps, chairs and tables.
He tries to tackle unsuccessful tricks and thinking till he succeeds.

As for his feats, he says:

Every ad calls me fearless, but it's just a publicity. Every time I do one of my stunts I am someone I think I am not afraid of in my mind.

All exciting facts about Jackie Chan

He likes movies based on strong humor and physical clowns.
He makes all his own acrobatics on his own and others can try his own songs.
He has a long relationship with Mitsubishi Motors and gave a lot of cars for the movie.
In 1976, Westernization was seen while undergoing plastic surgeries.
He has a wife and son as a family.
He sometimes writes his voice to announce Asian movies in English.
Jackie Chan has a hole in his head due to his stunt accident.
He is also a talented singer.
During his stunt, he broke his nose three times, his ankle once, his fingers mostly breaking his cheekbones and skulls. But he never gives up!
He went to Cannonball Run II in 1984 to sign a contract with Warner Brothers.
His fan club once won 10,000 members.
He has been working with Bruce Lee as a stunt coordinator.
He likes Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd.
A girl committed suicide when she knew that Jackie Chan was married.
In 1989, he was awarded the recipient of the British Empire for his service to the arts.
Jackie Chan is a versatile person who can beat millions of people.

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