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How PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTube Online

How PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTube

How PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTube YouTube is the most popular social media website on the market today. YouTube uses a formula to subscribe to your channel if you want to promote your work or video. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg was also a regular YouTube channel subscriber, also known as PewDiePie. On the internet, he is a comedian and a video producer at the same time. Sweden's international PewDiePie has a record as one of the most subscribed gaming channels on YouTube.

He has a lot of accomplishments that follow.

  • Fuddy dibrope

Like other social media websites, YouTube is the only channel that is making millionaires to people. PewDiePie has a track record that counts among the top 100 video creators on YouTube. To get a general idea of how popular this person was, there were 250 million views in his video, compared with 1.5 million in the 30 days to July 2012 month. By July 2014, he was on his way to becoming the most subscribed YouTuber. He has a total of 28.7 million online subscribers.
  • Work for a good cause.

PewDiePie also works for good purposes. We cultivate a general awareness of the cleanliness of the environment and caring for animals. He supported WWF in his video. In his video, he collected and raised awareness of a charity fund for the "clean water business."
  • Some insight into the example

PewDiePieOne is the reason why PewDiePie became famous. If I had seen the video completely, I needed more PR. Keep in mind that it is watch time in all watch sessions. Only possible if you have good video content. For example, gamers upload more than 8 videos / weeks with an average of 9.38 minutes of video stretching. Consider this if you are uploading 15 minutes of video content that PewDiePie only uploads 7 videos per week and typically gets 500,000 views. Then, over the weekend, the video will be viewed at 57.5 million shares per week There is another reason behind his video, his own nationality. YouTube promotes local channels by default. For example, videos uploaded to Florida are watched in Florida rather than other states in the United States. If you live in the U.S., videos will be available in the U.S. until you get enough views in other countries. This way you can promote your video to people around the world. Now PewDiePie was born in Sweden and first started uploading videos in Sweden. Since I started uploading videos in Sweden, I got a lot of followers with minimal competition in the market. After that he moved to Italy and promoted the video in Italy. Now he speaks good English and the video soon started out in the UK.

How PewDiePie Became the Most Subscribed Channel of YouTube

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