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How Much Money Do The Channels Make From Ramadan Transmission

How Much Money Do The Channels Make From Ramadan Transmission

How Much Money Do The Channels Make From Ramadan Transmission Our TV screens were filled with numerous Ramadan programs broadcast on many networking stations, including ARY, Geo TV, and Hum. Although all of these shows have been broadcasting suspicious for the time being, this year it seems to have raised it to the highest score. In the past, educated spiritual and religious researchers scholars were broadcast to debate Islamic questions about people involved in religious education and to answer religious questions. This is followed by a recital of naat or dua and the program is completed by iftar time without tricks, games, puzzles, games or prize money distribution. Some people today argue that this TV program is too simple, inattentive, and lacks enthusiasm, but others may think that the content at that time is much more elegant and more appropriate for religion Ramadan is known to convey very little information about religion these days and shows that there is no encouragement to cover our concerns about religion. In fact, the results are quite contradictory. This show creates a dangerous level of simplicity, lust, greed and compassion.

How much money does the channel make through sending Ramadan?

Ramadan broadcasts broadcast on each TV station are out of bounds. If you want to change the network for any entertainment, do not worry if the religious program includes everything. The creator of this program puts a vast window on the set. They bring parrots, peacocks, snakes, and many other creatures on display, leaving traces of zoos rather than spiritual transmissions. Donations / rewards that are worth thousands of Rupees are given to viewers with a friendly mark. Hosts tease Muslims on live TV, making it difficult for visitors and viewers. Nobody says a word.

How much money do you check in the channel Ramadan transfer

Last year, Geo or Amir Liaquat was smart enough to take top spot in the TV Score War. As a result, the remaining illegal activity on the market was taken over by ARY Digital, which gained state jam-packed benefits by receiving a head start. In the first half of last year, ARY Digital recorded the highest rating. The TV program Jeeto Pakistan has appeared as a TV show that loves Pakistani viewers, mainly women. With 1285 GRP, ARY Digital is the most watched channel in the first 15 days of Ramadan. ARY Digital's neighboring challenger is 1230 GRP's Express Entertainment. Without a doubt, the cause of the incident was the Pakistan Ramadan program, which reserved a portion of the audience for the former Geo TV anchor Amir Liaquat Hussain's program, the Express for Entertainment. Nonetheless, for a long time, the notable attraction is not on his broadcast, and Express Entertainment can be very difficult to get the best spot.

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