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How Much Average Mobile Applications Can Make in 20118

How Much Average Mobile Applications Can Make

How Much Average Mobile Applications Can Make As a developer, if you are currently acquiring skills in a vast area of web development, it is time to question whether you are using technology in the most productive way. While the world is turning users from older phones to smartphones, developers are making a lot of money from technology through each app they develop. If you are a beginner and are looking forward to choosing this area for your career, it is important to first know the range of tools you are going to select as your imported weapon. Today we will announce that when an average mobile application releases the amount it can actually make, it can get an idea of the wealth of its own way when it decides to switch to a mobile application developer.

Platforms to Know

The market is currently occupied by three vendors offering mobile platforms with the Android, iPhone OS, and Windows Phone logo. If you have developed a Nokia Symbian and J2ME platform like me, you should know that there is now nothing in the development market. However, because Android itself, it is easy to predict the future of Android in the next few years. It will be brighter than the user can imagine.

Statistics show that over the past three years, Android has turned out to be a leading mobile platform, far surpassing Apple's iPhone OS. To be accurate enough, Google dominates the mobile market with 900 million users, followed by the 600 million iPhone OS devices that Apple has purchased, and Microsoft is number three with 12 million Windows phones sold. (81% of the vast majority are sold by Nokia).

Amount paid to Android developers this year

Android Developers Conference was held at Google I / O. It has been estimated that around 150,000 Android developers have participated in the development of 800,000 apps in the Google Play store worldwide. In the last 12 months, the financial reserves of about $ 900 million paid to the developers have given the field's true heroes a good share!

Amount paid to iOS developers this year

Apple also announced that there are about 1.25 million apps in the App Store, which has about 50 billion downloads in the Worldwide Developer Conference. So far, we've paid $ 5 billion to developers to keep the app store running.

Amount paid to Windows Phone developers this year

The weakest candidate is Microsoft 's Windows Phone. Microsoft claims that there are about 16,000 applications and about 45,000 contributors worldwide.

Overall perspective!

According to compiled statistics, Apple currently offers Android developers the second highest payoff.

How much can I create with my app?

Are you still confused about your earnings? Let's get to the point. Look carefully at the table below.
Imports from mobile development For example, if you choose Android as your platform and develop five apps, on average you will be able to enjoy about 60,000 downloads and pay $ .01875 per download again. Now imagine how many full downloads you have. . The same goes for Apple and Windows.

By presenting a clear picture of revenue through mobile development and presenting it, we can clearly predict that Apple is now providing a significant share of the developers. However, Android is improving and has the potential to fully take over the market within the next two years. While these two technologies are enjoying healthy business in the near future, Windows phones are likely to become more and more popular in the marketplace, as do other Microsoft products such as Windows and Skype.

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