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Google will Penalize all sites Sharing Widgets,Themes etc constantly changing

Google will Penalize all sites Sharing Widgets,Themes, Plugins,Templates constantly changing the algorithms and policies associated with link building and link exchange. This time, in the updated Link Plan document, which follows the Webmaster Guidelines, we have violated our policy, including large guest postings, ads and links to distributed articles / press releases / products. This new development is one of the other changes that Google has made so far this year and looks amazing. This applies not only to large guest contributions and press releases, but also to sites that share free widgets, plug-ins, and templates, and links to those products are applied.

Update: This article was updated in 2017 to include our latest link building policy.

This new policy includes three main types of back links. Links generated from large guest publishing and article marketing, links generated from advertising and unique ads, links to distributed articles / press releases.
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Massive article marketing.

As expected, we have no use for links created with large guest postings. We covered this topic in a previous post about how Google handles guest blogging. If the guest post itself is only for building backlinks without adding a lot of value, then there is a problem. It is a good idea to improve the relevance, usability, and quality of guest posts. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time.

This is not surprising because we all know how Google views links in our ads. Google does not recommend ads or native ads if you receive payments for articles with links that cross PageRank. Anyone who is encouraged to 'pay' to a higher ranking in search results. Therefore, such links should be nofollowed so that they do not pass through PageRank.
Optimize anchor text in press release
According to Google, "links to anchor text optimized for articles or press releases distributed on other sites are unnatural. If you publish an article or press release on a website and distribute it via a wired or an article site, Anchor text "(that is, keyword-rich anchor text).

About plug-ins and templates websites

If so, how does it relate to sites that offer free widgets, plug-ins, and templates? Google has no problems providing free (or paid) tools and resources. However, most free plug-ins and templates websites add links to one of their sites, so that whenever someone installs a widget or plug-in, that plug-in is linked to the host site. And usually, it is a follow link.

Likewise, there are some links to footers in almost 95% of free themes and templates (especially for premium WordPress themes). This link also points to the host site. This is not a theme or plugin that violates the policy. Link. These links are under the Distributed Link category with "Optimized anchor text" (the third category listed above). We recently announced that this kind of link violates our policies. Therefore, you should not include these links in plugins and themes. Otherwise, you must follow that link to avoid passing the page link to your own website.

Have questions about this new Google policy? Any feedback? Please leave your answers in the comments below and let us know what you think! cheer;)

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