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Americas Most Surprising Six Figure Jobs 2018

Most Surprising Six Figure Jobs

Surprising Six Figure Jobs Who dreams of a six-digit job, but the only problem between you and your dream is you do not know where to put your hand and how much competition will happen. Here are some suggestions based on a good study that will help you to gather and shape your dream of a trip that has found an original job.

Human Resource Manager

Average annual earnings: $ 109,590
Top 10% negotiations: $ 173,140
High Income Country: New Jersey
Total Employees: 98,020
There are two things you need to do here, the first is to supervise the department functions and manage the staff before the boss controls you. It basically allows everything to go smoothly, but it seems very easy, but often makes you crazy. Therefore, it is best to earn a college degree if you treat people well.

Funeral Service Manager

Average Annual Revenue: $ 79,930
Total 10% Makeup: $ 140,740
High paying countries: New York
Total capacity: 9,130
If you think you can tie a lot of partnerships together and you have a solid talent to address issues at a community event, it's best to start now. All you need to do is encourage a funeral home or build a community relationship. The most important part of the job is that there are plenty of vacancies.

Elevator installation and maintenance

Average annual income: $ 74,140
Total 10%: $ 106,450
High Income Country: Massachusetts
Total capacity: 19,700
Where on earth can not you find an elevator? Even a two-story house in every big mall and huge building has an elevator that sucks your laundry into the basement. So if you have not thought about working as an elevator installer, you should start.

Captains, colleagues and underwater pilots

Average annual income: $ 73,760
Top 10% negotiated: $ 125,930
High paying countries: Tennessee
Total number of employees: 30,860
It may sound scary to drive thrilling waters off the shaky sea, but if you like adventure and do not like the house, that's the place for you. But pay a lot of money for you, but do not forget to float. More than six months may not plan to land any further in the coming months.

Power Distributer and Dispatcher

Average annual income: $ 73,710
Top 10% negotiated: $ 101,690
High Income Countries: Washington
Total Employees: 11,590
I like to save electricity or shed a stream. Distribution companies are concerned mainly about electricity regulation or consideration. If you do not care where you stream, you can be a distributor who needs to pay attention to the amount of power used and monitor its power usage.

Arts, theater and music teachers, secondary courses

Average annual revenue: $ 73,340
Top 10% negotiate: $ 125,440
High paying countries: New York
Total Employed: 92,570
Art and music will remain on the list of lush life and culture. Do not hesitate to torture with a single instrument because you can find art and music anywhere.

Game manager

Average annual earnings: $ 71,390
Total 10%: $ 113,600
High paying countries: New Mexico
Total capacity: 4,490
The vast majority of board games will only pay attention to wins and bets and probably win, but you will be surprised to know that half of them do not know how to direct the game. Now, if you are good at planning, directing, and coordinating the games you have to do, you have your job here.


Average annual income: $ 70,350
Top 10% negotiated: $ 119,710
High paying countries: New York
Total number of employees: 286,670
There are times when people do not need to make a phone call and ask for a loan. Now, decades of recession have brought a table. So do not hesitate to give a loan to a friend, he is obviously a necessary card. He does not know where to use it. In short, you should take advantage of their needs and they will come to you.

Multimedia artists and animators

Average annual income: $ 69,560
Top 10% negotiations: $ 113,470
High paying countries: California
Total Employees: 29,270
Imagination has gone up to a different level with the description of animation and multimedia. If you are a technology enthusiast and you want to energize a short movie, it's time to get a ticket to California. A potential boss will be waiting for you.

Writers and writers

Average annual earnings: $ 68,000
Total 10% Makeup: $ 117,860
High paying countries: California
Total capacity: 41,990
The hardest thing is to manipulate words and use them together to speak in a free state without plagiarism. It is not easy. But if you know how to play with words, congratulations will be the richest.

Make-up artists, plays and performances

Average annual income: $ 67,580
Total 10% Makeup: $ 117,720
High paying countries: New York
Total capacity: 1,950
If people can spell the magic on your skin and turn it from Shrek to Tom Cruise or Cinderella, you're ready to pay. Even if you know how to use other hair and you can put lip gloss, you can live happily in New York.

Traffic Inspector

Average annual earnings: $ 66,470
Top 10% negotiated: $ 111,780
High paying countries: Alaska
Total capacity: 24,310
Standing all day, under the sun, managing traffic or freezing snow is hard and deserves high wages. If you do not have convincing bones and strength, you do not need a special degree.

Home teachers, secondary school

Average annual earnings: $ 68,000
Total 10%: $ 109,370
High paying countries: California
Total capacity: 4,700
Teaching children is never easy. If you are studying in California and looking for a part-time job, you can easily search for home study. Give a smart student a few hours. You can be easily captured even if you are an innocent teacher.

Movie and video editors

Average annual income: $ 64,060
Total 10% make over: $ 119,250
High paying countries: California
Total employment: 21,500
If you know other software to edit your friends' movies and bring magic to your photos, try it now. There are many vacancies.

PR Specialist

Average annual income: $ 61,980
Top 10% negotiations: $ 101,030
High income countries: D.C.
Total number of employees: 201,280
If you know the big boss, think better about this job because you have to communicate with the public on behalf of your company. jobs jano JJ provide It is your responsibility to  check jobs & also refer to a positive public image for your customers and staff.

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