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A lot of people took to the streets, but the three station executives (SHO) dormant. I blocked the Hyderabad bypass section for six hours on Friday. According to Peleri police allegedly, 'fighting' in protest against the murder of villagers.

Wali Mohammad Chang, a resident of Chang Goth on Hala Naka Road, was actually arrested by the police at 11 am on Thursday, and the police murdered him at about 11 pm He said.

Talking to his brother, Laiquat University Hospital, "He fasted (Wali), the villagers went to buy fruit when they saw the police burning the police around 11 pm"), the city branch.

The police gathered at the hospital to prevent Marise from seeing the lying body in the body. Some members of the ATF have created him, and his relatives and other painters are leaving the hospital when they try to take the body.

Medico - Legal Officer Javed Chandio conducted post - and external surveys but did not sign the report by noon Friday, Dr. Waheed Piracha, senior medical director.

Phulelli police claimed that Wali was a sentence appointed in the case (FIR No. 128/2011) in which he was registered against him at the Cantonment police station. Another eight cases are pending. According to them, Wali was killed near the graveyard of Jurial Shah on a witness' night. Police claimed that a pistol, three bullets and a motorcycle were seized.

After the protests were rejected by the villagers, protesters rallied around Hyderabad bypass roads, causing traffic disruptions for about six hours along the bypass and nearby national highways.

Kashif Shoro, chairman of the Kashimabad municipal council, Jash Khan Shoro, joined the demonstration in support of the ministerial community. Kashif Shoro remained there until ASP Sarfaraz Virk negotiated with him and the protesters. Finally, the protesters' demands for action against the SHOs of Rana Pervez, Mumtaz Brohi and Mohammad Ali Korai, Phulelli, Pinyari and Hatri Police stations were accepted. Police officers were suspended, and investigation into the problem was left to Siraj Lashari, the IGP complaints officer.

Police released photos of a file showing Wali Chang riding a motorcycle and a man holding an automatic weapon sitting with him. Zhang was a PPP activist until a few years ago and was involved in forbidden sectarian outfits.

Kotri 'Meeting'

DADU: IGP A.D. Khowaja investigated a meeting with Dadu SSP Shabbir Ahmed Sethar last Tuesday, but the investigation has not yet begun, and relatives of Mushtaq Ahmed Sahito, who died in a gunfight, claimed on Friday.

ASI Abdul Hameed and ASI Manzoor Ahmed Babar Police officer Kotri SITE said that Sahito and his companion Junaid Shaikh were injured in a shooting incident, After meeting with a burglary at Gulshan-i-Shahbaz near Kotri village on Tuesday.

Heiderbad DIG Khadim Hussain Rind added to this reporter that SSP Sethar was assigned yesterday's (Thursday) investigation, adding that he may have started working seven days to finish the job.

On the other hand, Jamshoro SSP Tanvir Alam Odho argued that Sahito and Shaikh have criminal records and that several cases have been registered in several police stations in the past. He also rejected the claims of the victims' relatives who were brought up with two suspects and later killed in a "step-wise encounter."

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