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Syrian army reaches Iraq border, raises tensions with US

Syrian troops and coalition forces arrived on the Iraqi border for the first time since 2015, Monitor said.

Several tens of solitary forces have arrived at the Syrian-Iraqi border, 70 kilometers north of Atanavu, on the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to a British observer, the Syrian Observatory.

There was no immediate confirmation of this report in the Syrian press.

Syrian and Iraqi militant groups US - led coalition forces fighting Islamic countries are being trained to attack jihadists and train Syrian rebels to fight them by putting prisoners in Atanapa.

This area is the scene of repeated events between US - led military and pro - military forces. This includes when US troops shot down pro-rail unmanned aircraft near this area.

The gunfire came after another incident at the beginning of Thursday, when Allied forces headed for At-Tanaf and struck a "craft vehicle" that threatened coalition forces and cooperative units, the Central Command said.

This incident was the third major attack by US-led forces near At-Tanaf for a month or less.

The coalition said it fired on US-led troops in the area and shot down unmanned aircraft.

The allied forces established a "non-conflicting area" extending 55 kilometers from the reserve regime and the garrison where the Russian army could not conduct operations.

Earlier this week, the Allies "destroyed" pro-regime troops moving into the area with tanks, artillery, air weapons and armed technological vehicles.

And on May 18, the allied airplane struck a convoy that seemed to be headed for At-Tanaf.

The Syrian government is eager to return to the eastern frontier after regaining territory in the Central Toms area, once a group of militant Islamic countries.

Damascus is hoping to lead a war with the Jihadist group in eastern Deir Ezzor province and to block any attempt by US - led coalition forces.

Wadah Abed Rabbo, editor-in-chief of the Al-Watan newspaper close to the Syrian government, said last month, "the refusal to allow the US and its troops to take over the East" said.

The Syrian government has not sieged the Iraqi border since 2015, and has sieged it in the ancient city of Homs, Pakistan.

The regime troops later regained territory in large quantities in the jihad in central Syria.

The group is also attacked in the northern city of Raqa, and the US-led alliance of Kurdish and Arab fighters is leading the battle.

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