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The Sterling Dips and FTSE stock indexes are expected to decline 1% on Friday after the shocking election results for Theresa could drive Britain into a political chaos day before the Brexit talks begin.

The result of questioning how Britain will make progress in its plans to leave the EU and what political parties can form a stable government has surprisingly dropped 2pc against the dollar and the euro at the beginning.

Before the London Stock Exchange fell sharply again after arriving at the desk around 0530 GMT, the Asian stock market made an uncertain government structure late on the Asian stock market late into the night.

Spreadbeta predicted that London's major FTSE 100 stock exchange index would fall by 1%, while gold prices in the UK fell as investors were looking for collateral for government bonds in the face of uncertainty.

ThinkMarkets analyst Naeem Islam said, "We have won the winner, but we do not expect the celebration to ring."

"It's not what investors are looking for. Theresa May has won the election, but it's actually Jeremy Corbyn who has made significant progress. It will be. "

By 0530 GMT, sterling silver was 1.5pc lower at $ 1.2753, down $ 1.2693 - and down 87.78 pence per euro.

Falls for Sterling tend to support London's internationally focused FTSE 100 Blue Chip Index. If the trading volume is still extremely thin, the official FTSE futures have risen by as much as 0.2pc early as a similar amount.

However, a drop of up to 5 percentage points in gilt yields suggested that investors who were shocked when the market was resumed in London would pursue the security of the bond.

Aliantz's chief economic adviser, Mohamed El-Irian, said, "With the initial exit survey of Tory (Conservative Party) and the early election gambling of Prime Minister Mays failing, the market has priced the more complex prospects for policy There are "implementations including Brexit. "

No clear winner
According to the initial exit survey, the Conservatives were traditionally favored as pro-business and financially prudent markets, earning 314 seats in the 650 seats and 266 seats in the opposition Labor Party, and did not signify a clear winner and "parliament".

Later predictions predicted that the Conservatives won a few supporters but analysts' rafts would not escape further declines in the pound.

Michael Hewson, chief analyst at CMC Markets in London, said: "Some people claim that the flexible Brexit can improve their disadvantages, but there is still a prospect for the contents of the Labor Party Declaration," said Michael Hewson, chief analyst at CMC Markets in London.

"This not only brings results for the FTSE100 and FTSE250 when the European market is open, but it also allows us to see the pounds get bigger pressure."

The investor's traditional view of whether the Conservatives or the Labor Party was good or bad for the pound was confusing in this election. This is due to the outlook for the Brexit talks to begin on June 19.

Some banks said the high - income Labor government could boost economic growth and raise interest rates more quickly in the Bank of England.

Some argue that the Labor-led coalition aims for smoother negotiations on the UK's planned EU start-up rather than the "difficult Brexit", which the market feels would be offered in May.

Jason Ware, chief executive officer of Albion Financial in Salt Lake City, Utah, said, "The pound is hit and probably a sign of uncertainty."

"But if we take a more flexible Brexit or more global stance in the UK, it will be beneficial to European, UK and US assets.

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