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Shock UK election leaves PM May hanging by a thread as voters deny Tory majority

Mother Teresa was fighting to hold her job on Friday, with British voters denying stronger authority for the Brexit talks and instead punishing her by weakening the party's power grip.

Without a clear winner in the parliamentary elections held last Thursday, five senators signaled a fight to fight despite losing a majority in the House of Representatives. Her labor party rival, Jeremy Corbyn, said she should resign.

The Conservative Party, with 633 seats in the 650 seats, won 308 seats and could no longer reach the 326 votes needed to nominate a majority of the congressional. The Labor Party took 258 seats.

With a story about the unprecedented complexity of Britain's EU departure, which started in just 10 days, Pound Sterling suffered uncertainty about who would form the next government and the basic direction Brexit would take.

"At this point, above all, the country needs a period of stabilization," May said after getting a seat on parliament in Maidenhead near London.

"If the Conservatives got the most seats and probably got the most votes, then maybe we have a stabilization period and that's what we do," he said.

Corbyn said his attempt to get a larger mission in May failed after taking his seat in north London.

"The power of attorney she had lost confidence in the Conservative Party, the loss of votes and support," he said.

"I would have thought that it could actually go and go for the government to represent all the people of this country."

Anna Soubry, the Conservative MP, was the party's first elected president in May, crying, "You have to consider your position."

Soubry said, "We have launched a terrifying campaign.

Even though there was no vote until May 20, seven weeks before the election was held unexpectedly. At that point, the polls predicted she would significantly increase the majority of her inheritance from her predecessor, David Cameron.

Instead, she is in danger of being disgraced in just eleven months from Downing Street, the shortest tenure of any prime minister, for almost a decade.

"Perhaps the most obvious conclusion is that the likelihood of Britain needing to ask for a delay in the Brexit process has increased significantly," JP Morgan said in a memo.

"May is a toast"
"No matter what happens, Theresa May is a toast," said Nigel Farage, former director of the EU-based UKIP.

Britain sent a Campaign to Blame Corbin for a weak leader of the flotilla that encouraged the British economy and bluster at the Brits, but at Bridgett's talks he was able to achieve good results for Britain by demonstrating strong and stable leadership.

Her campaign, however, explored the main policies of caring for the elderly. On the other hand, Corbin's old socialism and more ardent campaign style received greater support than expected.

Political turmoil in Britain is the worst scenario for EU leaders who want to push Brexit's negotiations fast. This is scheduled to start on June 19, but there is a risk of delays in closing the time window to finalize the transaction before the end of March 2019.

Former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt, one of the heads of the European Union, said on Twitter that "you have to pay money in the absence of true leadership."

Sterling fell more than two cents against the US dollar after the exit survey showed that she lost her majority in May.

"It's the worst in terms of the market," said Craig Erlam, chief analyst for the company, which has already reached a short deadline to create another layer of uncertainty ahead of the Brexit negotiations and secure deals with Britain. ) Oanda of London.

The prospect that Mr. Corbin will become prime minister has no more imagination, as small political parties have more close ties to the Labor Party than the Conservatives.

It makes the process of Brexit more difficult to predict. For 30 years on the left side of the labor system, Corbyn consistently opposed European integration and criticized the EU as an enterprise and capitalist organization.

As Party leadership, Corbyn said Britain was passionately campaigning to keep the bloc, but the Labor Party had a different priority from the priorities set out in May, but the Labor Party said it would deliver the breakes.

Keith Starmer, Labor Policy Director at Brexit, said his party wants to keep the interests of European single markets and customs unions. "What's rejecting the extreme Brexit version of Theresa May is tonight.

Potential alliance
On the nervous night of the Conservatives, Amber Rudd's Home Secretary took her seat with a beard and a few junior ministers were swept away. From one of many str
Once the Conservative Party lost Canterbury's place in a century. The Conservatives are expected to secure 10 seats in the Democratic Labor Union (DUP) in Northern Ireland, a natural ally. But the Labor Party was still frustrated with its potential allies, the Scottish National Party (SNP), who won a majority of the Scottish seats. The pro-European Union (EU) Central Left Liberal Democratic Party was having a mixed night. Former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, from 2010 to 2015, lost his place. But Vince Cable was followed by former business minister and party leader Tim Farron. In domestic policy, the Labor Party imposed taxes on the wealthiest 5 percent of Britain, abolished college tuition fees, and nationalized over 250 billion pounds of rail and postal services in infrastructure projects. According to the analysis, the Labor Party had a strong influence on young voters. Instead of overwhelming support for experts, the British government even cast its vote in two major political parties, with the overwhelming majority in the Conservative Party. "British voters wanted Brexit, but they want to change," Farage said. Their attitude and daughter of the Diocese (May) is a very intimate establishment. In Scotland, Scotland won all but three of the 59 seats, but the Association of Independent States (SNP) has retreated. "Congress lost its turnout in 2015 and lost the Conservatives, Labor and Liberal Democratic candidates This campaign was conducted in a different way than elsewhere in Scotland The main drawback is the second referendum on the independence of the SNP The Scottish Conservative Party's Ruth Davidson said the sturgeon would not vote for a new independent vote But Britain and Nicola Sturgeon, who lost the entire referendum in 2014, said they were having a disappointing night for their party.

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