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The Sindh Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the National Accountability Bureau to file a plea agreement with Sharmila Farooqui, a member of the Pakistani People's Party, on corruption-related negotiations in 2001.

The two judges issued a petition filed by the PPP MPA to the NAB about the conviction of the court in writing to the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP) and the Sindh Assembly.

The hearing was postponed until the later date of the court announcement.

Meanwhile, the bench extended an interim order prohibiting the ECP, NAB and others from taking any adverse action against Sharmila Farooqui.

The court ordered the NAB's Special Prosecutor and the petitioner's lawyer to deliver their assertions at the next hearing on November 23.

Mr Farooqui has been dismissed in accordance with Articles 9 and 17 of the Ehtesab Act after a person in office has failed to be dismissed for dismissal.

"In any event, the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO), paragraph 15, paragraph 15, of a civil servant who has been disqualified for 21 years after being convicted by a court, shall not apply to the client".

In his reply, the NAB prosecutor insisted that Mr. Farooqui could not have office because he was convicted by the Supreme Court. He was deprived of public office for 21 years pursuant to a ruling issued by Farooqui and her mother Anisa Farooqui and father Usman Farooqui on April 28, 2001, pursuant to Article 15 of the NAO.

In her petition, Sharmila Farooqui said that NAB raised a statement about her father, former steel president, mother and her, who invested a huge sum of money in a national savings plan that does not correspond to their known income sources.

But they later entered negotiations with the NAB, which was allowed in a related court in 2001. She said the NAB had asked the ECP, the Central Bank of Pakistan and other countries in 2016 to disqualify it in accordance with paragraph 15 of the NAO.

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