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The suspect's parents and relatives arrested in the case of Marshall Kan Lynch denounced the joint investigation team's report and criticized the officials for using delayed tactics to file an objection to the court.

JIT members, who spoke at a Thursday protest rally at Thursday's press conference, argued that they presented a piece of the report on Abdul Wali Khan University of Mashal Khan, a student in the journalism and public communications department. Martha.

Protesters were led by Mumtaz Bahadar, Sardar Khan, Dr. Sahibzada, Dr Sher Wali and members of the Ameer Mohammad Khan district.

Dr. Sahibzada said at a press conference that the AWKU Mardan premises had passed an important time since the death of Mashal Khan on April 13,

He said the police arrested 57 suspects in the case. He insisted that most of those arrested were innocent because they did not play a role in the murder of Marshall Khan. He said that they were arrested on charges of merely charges.

Sardar Khan insisted that the police filed an appeal with the local attorney's office several days ago, but has not yet been filed with the court.

"Police and other officials have used delayed tactics when submitting Resichian, adding difficulties and complications to the families of those arrested," he added.

Mumtaz Bahadar said some political parties have politicized the problem. He said he was trying to gain political advantage in the case. He asked the authorities not to hand over Mardan's case at the request of Mashal Khan's father.

Parents and relatives of the arrested persons set a deadline for the appeal on June 10 to submit the case to the court. They threatened to start agitation if their demands were not met.

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