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Opposition stages walkouts as govt refuses to meet protesting LG representatives

The local government stopped parliament members from protesting outside the city council to oppose the "poor" budget allocation for Karachi, and opposition lawmakers prepared separate excommunications on Friday to express solidarity with the protesters.

Wasim Akhtar protested Karachi mayor-led rallies that the Sindh government decided not to include the development plans proposed by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. In addition to members of the Muttahida Qaumi movement, the representatives of Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf and the Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz were also part of the rally.

The authorities closed the road to the Sind General Assembly and closed the rally, but the demonstrators had no choice but to protest at the Kabootar Chowk near the Victorian building of the Sindh High Court.

The government did not allow Parliament to protest in front of the Sind General Assembly.

The Sindh General Assembly is in session and will begin a general discussion of the new budget when LG representatives' protests begin at Kabootar Chowk.

As soon as Agha Siraj Durrani's speaker ordered the house at 11.50am, Syed Sardar Ahmad, chairman of the MQM Congress, took the house to a demonstration held by elected LG representatives outside the assembly hall. He asked the government to dispatch ministers with goodwill gestures to negotiate with protesters.

Mohammad Hussain of Mohammad Hussein (MQM) also urged the Finance Ministry's elected LG representatives not to give cold shoulders, and some ministers observed that they should visit them and express their solidarity. He warned otherwise his party would refuse the meeting.

But Secretary of Commerce Nisar Khuhro said protesting the rallies is like expressing confidence in the house. Despite funding Karachi, the charges against the mayor of the city and LG representatives and allegations of wrongdoing are not appropriate, he added.

He said the market is asking the budget to include KMC's development plans. He added that he should remember that his plans are often not included in the budget. "We will not allow anyone to do Karachi and injustice," the People's Party owned Karachi and never denied it. Protests protesting the plea of the plan are merely scoring points. "

Opposition party Khwaja Izharul Hasan said the protests outside the Sind General Assembly were not new but about the government and not about the house.

President Bush said that the Treasury, such as the King, would pass the bill based on a majority of the household and that the speech of the legislators on the budget would be meaningless.

He said that the mayor of Karachi provided 187 plans to the local government and met with the minister and the minister of finance, but that it was justified in protest because the budget did not include a single plan. "In democracy, the problem is not solved by closing the gates, it is not a house of the PPP, and the opposition should not be rejected in this way," he said.

He said his party would not be sitting at home to hear the government's "false compliments." "We will join an elected market demonstrating in Kabootar Chowk," he said before leaving his home with his party members.

MQM rejected the rest of the session and did not return.

Samar Ali Khan, the parliamentary party leader of the PTI, who got the support of the PML-F and PML-N members after the MQM members were excommunicated, told the finance minister that they would consult with the mayor and others, It was not Sindh but the people of Sindh.

They protested against the rally, but did not protest the government sitting at home, and the government reminded the government that the provincial legislative bill was passed by majority of the majority (PPP) and the elected LG representatives demanded the same authority as the local government, he said. The federal government won the National Finance Committee Award.

However, Congressman Durrani asked his position without paying any attention to the submission of the PTI.

The remaining opposition parties, PTI, PML-Functional and PML-N, spat in protest of the government's attitude toward elected LG representatives.

LG Electronics Minister Jam Khan Shoro said the provincial government has spent RM21 billion on development projects in Karachi so far. He said that the development center was KMC and the only Sindh district not affiliated.

After the breakup, 7 PPP members - Pessumal, Ghazala Sial, Khurshid Junejo, Erum Khalid, Murad Ali Shah, Senior Dr. Khat
Umal, Syed Ghulam Shah and two opposition members of PML-F - Mehtab Akbar Rashdi and Pir Rashid Shah Rashdi - participated in a general discussion on the budget. Later, the speaker spent 4.15pm a day to meet on Saturday. In addition to the "King of Bad Reign", protesters were holding placards bearing slogans that featured a scant portion for Karachi, mainly on the Sindh budget. "We condemn injustice We read the banner from Sindh budget to Karachi". In the pamphlet, protesters should return the Sindbuilding Control Authority, Karachi Water and Wastewater Commission, Solid Waste Management Board, Karachi Master Plan, Transit Plan, Local Government Tax, KDA and MDA to KMC. Mayor Arshad Vohra, chairman and vice-chairman of the local government and union committee, also participated in the demonstration. Akhtar says he does not want violent clashes with local governments. It was a peaceful demonstration. "We hope that the rulers will see only true developments and positive changes only when elected representatives of the city receive power and funds." He was not Karachi, but Sindh, the whole region, was a victim of bad governance. "He points to the direction of the Assembly building and says," The kings of bad rule. They destroyed the rest of Sind and now they are going to destroy Karachi. But we will not let them destroy Karachi. "

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