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While calling on Secretary of State Donald Trump to look for ways to resume peace efforts, Israel has made plans for more than 3,000 houses in West Bank settlements in the West Bank.

A total of 3,178 housing units have entered several different settlements. A peace settlement NGO tracked the settlement growth with AFP on Tuesday.

It was the first attempt by both sides to return to the negotiating table after Trump's visit to Israel and Palestinian territories last month.

On Tuesday, the Defense Planning Commission increased its 1,500 units and added 900 units on Wednesday.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the new housing project. The agreement is considered illegal under international law and is seen as a major obstacle to peace and peace, two so-called solutions to the creation of an independent Palestinian state with Israel.

Most of the planned homes are in existing settlements, but some will be built in the first new settlement in about 25 years, Peace Now said.

"Netanyahu is trying to step back, but he is under very strong pressure from the settlement movement," said Crisis Group Ofer Zalzberg. Salzburg said more agreements could win the two sides farther. "It's becoming increasingly difficult to set circles for negotiations," he said.

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