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Some Sikh pilgrims could not enter India after Indian authorities arrested them for "technical reasons" at Atari railway stations, despite the Pakistani High Commissioner's visa issuance in New Delhi, India.

The pilgrims wanted to join the 10-day Jorr Mela, which began Friday (today) in Hasan Abdal and other parts of Punjab to commemorate the martyrdom of Arjun Dev Jee.

According to official sources, Samza Taj Express, which was supposed to bring about 80 Yattros (Sikh pilgrims) from Atari to India with a regular passenger at the Lahore railway station, was left blank.

Meanwhile, 14 pilgrims entered Pakistan through the Wahga border. They respond enthusiastically to the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) official. Later, they sent a special security bus to Gurdwara Panja Sahib and Hasan Abdal.

"The Pakistan High Commissioner issued a visa to 80 investors after receiving permission from the Minister of Home Affairs on Wednesday, June 7. Some of them (14 in total) have visas to enter Pakistan through the Wahga border And the rest were issued with a special travel train dispatched from Pakistan according to the Protocol, "said Imran Gondal, deputy director of ETPB. (Gentleman).

Speaking at dawn, the Samjhota Express (not a special train for Yatris) is scheduled to arrive at about 10:30 am on Thursday, so Pakistani authorities asked Yattrice to take Yattrith on the train to arrive at Wagha.

"In fact, the railway authorities in Pakistan have requested permission from the Indians to dispatch special trains to bring Yatris out of Atari, but they refused to accept the train, Pakistani authorities have asked Samtjhot to go on a trip to India, about 10:45 am, but the Indian authorities have stopped Yattrice from boarding. I explained that it was not a train.

However, those who had a visa to enter Pakistan came to Lahore and found Hasan Abdal.

When he refused to send Yatris from the Samjhota Express, the Pakistani railway authorities again requested permission to send a special train to Attari (from India).

"But the Indians have not allowed us to take the opportunity to attend important religious events at Yatris," an ETPB official said

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