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I tried not to make the same mistakes as I did in Wrong No, says Yasir Nawaz of his second film

It is not common to post a movie-related event for at least 30 minutes. Eventually it includes stars and star shapes. And they arrive nicely late. But on Thursday evening, a press conference on the movie "Mehrunisa V Lub U" (MVLU) at the local hotel proved that neither the attendees nor the hosts were in a hurry. This is a fairly colorful Iftar-cum-formal dinner.

Depending on the format of the program, three of the film's directors, writers and producers (two men and women) were asked to answer questions by anchor press showshops. Madiha Imam. Actor Danish Taimoor answered the first question. He said he did not need to read the script when he found out that Yasir Nawaz would lead the story. (He of course liked and liked him later). The script was written and the final draft proved to be pretty good. Working with Nawaz was a learning experience, and the audience will also learn from him.

The female actress Sana Javed said she was a great experience. All the actors wanted to act in the movie, but wanted to play the role of "substance" that plays the role in MVLU. "I am blessed to have sent the first movie for a good banner," she said.

Filmmaker Yasir Nawaz's producer and wife, Nida Yasir, said she was a quiet producer. The only way she participated was the styling of the cast.

Nawaz said he tried not to do what he did in the last movie. His entire team worked diligently on the project. He encouraged Pakistanis living all over the world to ask him to watch his films and produce more movies. He insisted that he put his heart and soul into a venture.

Saqib Sameer said he was narrating and expanding into a scenario on one side of Nawaz. "The dream has come true." He took the project a year. He urged the audience to watch the movie at least once and will stop complaining about the Pakistani movie. One of the reasons he gave it is that only two or three of the film sets are in Rs.

Nina Kashif said the film will be released in Pakistan and the Middle East, Eid, and the rest of the world.

Actress Amna Ilyas talked about MVLU's song. She said it was hard to shoot because she was working barefoot.

Producer Hassan Zia thanked the Indian composer Gulzar and many others.

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