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Turkish President Leftha Erdogan has approved a bill to promote military cooperation with Qatar. It also includes a Turkish military deployment plan.

This move is a signal of support for the Gulf states in disputes with neighboring countries.

The bill also predicted military training cooperation and was swiftly passed by Congress on Wednesday, a day after Erdoan was publicly elected to Qatar, criticizing the Gulf states' move to isolate them.

Erdogan approved the bill late Thursday, his office said. It was posted in the Gazette on Friday.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other Arab countries have cut off relations with Qatar after blaming terrorist support.

Turkey and Qatar have been in close contact for many years and have agreed to establish a Turkish military base in Turkey's Gulf States in 2014.

Government officials said the military authorities will determine the number and duration of Turkish troops deployed in Qatar.

Arab countries have organized 12 organizations and 59 terrorist suspects have been listed on Qatar's terrorist list.

The move, announced early Friday, is the latest development in the ongoing conflict between Qatar and Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The Joint Statement of the four countries sanctions groups and individuals for their continuing and ongoing violations of Doha's commitments and obligations.

The six groups are already considered to be armed groups in Bahrain.

Youssef al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian clergyman, was considered a spiritual leader of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, a Muslim Brotherhood.

A Qatari spokesman said the terrorist list is part of a virtually unfounded and unfounded allegation. "

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