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Treasury Secretary Isaac Darreh urged the government to revise the government 's definition to ensure smooth operation of the State Department.

"Our hands will be tied up and we will not be able to do the work unless the current justice is changed," the Senate's Standing Committee on the Senate's final round of budget discussions. This recommendation will now be sent to Congress for consideration.

Dar said that in the current negotiations, nothing can be done, pointing to the need for immediate decisions and notifications without any approval from the Cabinet. "This proposal is to replace the federal government with the minister of the fiscal law, and we need a legitimate amendment, and once it is passed, we will be ready to turn it around."

Referring to the Supreme Court's ruling that the prime minister is not the federal government and means the prime minister and cabinet, he said the Supreme Court's rulings will be respected. But he said the court would interpret the law as it is.

Senate adopts recommendation of finance committee

He emphasized that there is no connection between the budget and the NFC, and rejected the theory that the announcement of the budget would be illegal if he did not receive a new National Finance Commission award. He pointed out that Hansang came out 16 years later and the other awards came 13 years later.

Explaining the reasons for the delay when he announced the next NFC award, he said two recent problems have occurred. He said the government wants to allocate 3 percent each for additional security and a total distributable pool to cover expenses for Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and Fatah. He argued that it would not affect the horizontal and vertical distribution of resources. He said that between 90 and 100 billion rupees are spent each year on war against terror unless foreign governments support it.

He said the organized mafia in the country is earning Rs 200 crore per year under the name Octoby and has received enormous political support. He said that when the tax was abolished by the government, the mafia was threatened to physically remove him.

He assured the house that all the Senate's recommendations would be openly accepted and accepted. He said the Senate's proposal was a day of convenient rejection after joining the vote in Congress. He recalled that the last 40 senate recommendations were accepted. "This reflects flexibility in some parts of the government, and I am trying to dissolve it because we remain a victim of this syndrome."

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