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Something may be wrong at the Punjab General Assembly. Timing and numbers are not well understood. He started the procedure 100 minutes late on Friday at 9:00 am, and the finance minister made a ministerial appointment to ensure that enough manpower is available to discuss the budget.

But as soon as the finance minister finished his speech, the minister left home. Within fifteen minutes the attendance rate dropped by almost 50%, and the process remained quiescent because there was a demand for grants following the speeches.

Ayesha Ghaus Pasha was sharp and short when she stood up to make her conclusion speech. In fact, the total debt is now at Rs 568 billion, while the 81-pc is the case with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank The long-term debt (15 to 25 years) and the concession (1% increase) interest rates are taken by the Bank (ADB) for the development plan Total repayments (loans and interest) for 2017-18 are 2.5 Rupees of Rp.36bn, which is only 1% of GDP if markup payments are separated. In this situation, will the local opposition charge collapse under debt?

"The similar charge is to cut education budgets, the total allocation of which is Rs 340 crore to Rs.330 million, but the opposition party is still reducing its allocation to the government. Punjab has already handed over to some non-governmental organizations already working in the field, the management of "extremely poorly performing" institutions. .

"These schools and finances are still the responsibility of the government, of which only duties have been delegated, and as a result, management efficiency doubled with the increase in enrollment.

Recognizing that ordinary people and some opposition parties had difficulty deciphering the massive budget documents and distributing them under their heads, she announced the "Citizen's Budget." All of this (income, spending, and allocation) The unnecessary anxiety will be eliminated and will be simplified.

She justified the apparent decline in agricultural distribution and said it was not the victims of the farmers but the restructuring. "This year, the federal government eliminated the general sales tax on fertilizer (GST), eliminating the need for subsidies, which aroused the impression of a reduction in allocations, but it must be clear that it was restructuring and not a cutback."

"The budget is a result of a long consultation process with all stakeholders (all boardrooms, professional associations, non-governmental organizations, the general public)," she said, "while reassuring the House of Commons that the government was financially cautious and prudent.

In the pre-budget session, 72 people (including 26 opposition parties) made the proposal.

On the second panel, the government presents a 5-year growth strategy in the development process. This financial measure is aggregate of all and can only bring positive results.

The minister began his speech at about 10:50 pm and the chief minister arrived at the House by 11 am to encourage the presence of Treasury members. It was rare to see nearly twenty pastors occupying the front row. The finance minister lost his quorum on Thursday, when the finance minister came to a conclusion about the budget and expressed embarrassment to the government. To avoid the same awkward stance, the Minister congratulated the House of Commons to smoothly navigate the budget debate.

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