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Financial markets hate uncertainty, but Mother Teresa announced the prospect of frustration on Friday when the Conservatives lost their majority in the British parliament.

Traders and analysts in the London City financial district not only were waiting for results all night, but also commented that one year after the second shocking election results in the UK made the Brexit talks suspicious of the nature of the talks.

For the wider UK economy, Friday's results re-focus attention on London's major financial sector, as well as its uncertain path to businesses with generally near European Union links.

Carolyn Fairbairn, the CBI's chief business lobbying group, said after the election "It's a serious moment for the UK economy.

She said in a statement that politicians should be a priority for building a home, building a functioning government, reassuring markets and defending a resilient economy.

"Politicians should act responsibly, show British interests first, and show the world that Britain remains a safe destination for business."

The initial response to the general election results is a plunge in the pound.

However, this pushed the London stock market even further as the pound weakened many of the FTSE 100's multinational corporations earning money other than sterling.

"Everyone is a little tired," said Neil Wilson, senior market analyst at ETX Capital Trading Group.

"There is a lot of uncertainty," he told AFP at a company office shortly after the London deal began.

'The market is not unstable': The Conservatives won first place in the vote on Thursday, but lost the majority in Congress and are now hoping to secure support for the Democratic Union Party and 10 seats in Northern Ireland.

Although the elections were held in April to widen the majority and strengthen the Brexit negotiating position, gambling has had a noticeable adverse effect, raising widespread concerns among key business figures.

Catherine McGuinness, a spokeswoman for Catherine McGuinness, said the city hopes to establish an effective and secure government as soon as possible.

"The market hates instability, and in the prospect of successful Brexit negotiations it is also important that we have certainty in the political system," the statement added.

Leftist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who was 20 percentage points behind in the poll, said in May he "lost the vote, lost support and lost confidence".

Swiss bank UBS's 50-year-old Kevin Hector said in an interview with ABC, "I think Corbin is underestimated on a large scale." "The future of Teresa Mayu apparently seems to be a rejection of Hard Brexit." The so-called "solid" Brexit not only saw British departures in a single market or tariff-free zone, but also could end their free exercise.

"We will (now) offer a smooth and flexible version of Brexit," said Wilson of ETX.

Over the past year I have been very surprised in Western politics since winning the US and French elections, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron. It has been about 12 months since the UK voted in favor of leaving the European Union.

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